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Fine photographs and photobooks with an emphasis on the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We stock images by recognised masters such as Hill & Adamson, Roger Fenton or Julia Margaret Cameron as well as more eclectic examples illustrating the range of formats and processes used in the early years of the medium. This might include fine daguerreotypes, complete photograph albums, carbon or platinum prints by known or amateur photographers.

We are also interested in the work of early travel photographers, particularly those in the Middle and Far East. From later periods we hold work by British photographers specialising in fine art and documentary photography including Alvin Langdon Coburn, J. Dudley Johnston, Bill Brandt and Raymond Moore.

  1. ANNAN, Thomas.

    Memorials of the Old College of Glasgow.

    Glasgow, T. Annan Photographer; J. Maclehose,...

    A very good copy illustrated with albumen...


  2. BENNETT, Terry.

    History of Photography in China: Chinese...

    London, Quaritch, 2013.

    This book is the first extensive survey...


  3. BENNETT, Terry.

    History of Photography in China.

    London, Quaritch, 2009-2013.

    First editions of the three-volume set...


  4. BISSON, Louis-Auguste. 


    Paris, c. 1844. 

    An extraordinary equine portrait, testimony...


  5. [DAGUERRE.] MAYER & PIERSON [after Charles Richard MEADE.]

    Carte-de-visite albumen print portrait...

    Paris, late 1860s.

    In 1848 the pioneering American photographer...


  6. DURHAM, Arthur E. 

    Transverse Section of Wood (Salisburia). 

    Circa 1870s. 

    A rare and attractive microphotograph...


  7. [FARSARI, Adolfo, Studio of.]

    Japanese flower seller.

    [Yokohama?, c. 1887.]

    A striking image of a Japanese flower...



    A collection of eight albumen prints (or...

    France, 1864-5.

    An exceptional series of oversize prints...



    Souvenir Singapore Silver Jubilee Celebrations.

    Singapore, Printers Limited, [May 1935].

    A scarce photographic souvenir depicting...


  10. [HAMBURG.] 

    A sammelband of material relating to the...

    [Germany, 1842.] 

    A fine and unusual volume of materials...


  11. HARLINGUE, L. [Albert].

    'Baktiaris Persans'.

    [Iran, c. 1905-1911].

    An impressive press image of the Bakhtiari...


  12. IRVING, Washington, and Felix DARLEY (illustrator).

    Rip van Winkle; a posthumous Writing of...

    London: Joseph Cundall … 1850.

    First English edition, rare, first...


  13. JACOBSON, Ken.

    Odalisques & Arabesques: Orientalist Photography...

    [London], Quaritch, 2007.

    Profusely illustrated, this is the most...


  14. JOHNSTON, J. Dudley.



    An attractive Swiss winter scene by...


  15. LEIGHTON, J. Harold.

    Collection of exhibition prints,


    An impressive international exhibition...


  16. MANTELL, A. M. (attr.).

    Views in North Wales.

    Circa 1880.

    A magnificent album of large-format...


  17. PENN, Christopher.

    The Nicholas Brothers & A. T. W. Penn:...

    London, Bernard Quaritch Ltd, 2014.

    An examination of the successful studios...