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  1. SFORZA, Ludovico, Duke of Milan.

    Letters patent granting various castles and lands to Bertrando de’ Rossi, Count of Berceto,...

    A significant document issued during the Italian War of 1494–1498 by Ludovico Sforza (also known as Ludovico il Moro, duke of Milan 1494–1499).



    De civitate Dei; a complete bifolium (leaves not consecutive), double columns of 30 lines, rubric in red, initials...

    A handsome bifolium from a large folio copy of St. Augustine’s greatest work, a vindication of Christianity against pagan critics.



    Filipinos. Al firmase el tratado de Biyak-no-bato, convinímos los naturales de Filipinas y...

    Hong Kong, April 1898.

    A very scarce and interesting document printed in Hong Kong in the midst of the Philippine Revolution, vociferously anti-Spanish, anti-clerical, and pro-American, accusing the Spanish of treachery, listing the Philippine Junta Patriotica’s demands, and reassuring its Filipino readers of America’s...


  4. SMITH, Adam.

    Untersuchung der Natur und Ursachen von Nationalreichthümern. Aus dem Englischen …

    Leipzig, Weidmann’s heirs and Reich, 1776–1778.

    First edition in German, the rare first issue, and the first translation into any language, of An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. This landmark translation, by Johann Friedrich Schiller, cousin of the famous poet, and Christian August Wichmann, was reissued in 1792 with...


  5. HUTCHESON, Francis.

    A Short introduction to moral philosophy, in three books; containing the elements of ethicks and the law of nature.

    Glasgow, Robert Foulis 1747.

    First edition in English (first published in Latin in 1745) of a major work of the Scottish Enlightenment by the man who has been called the ‘father’ of that movement. The Short introduction was to be of the utmost importance in the intellectual development of Adam Smith, perhaps the keenest pupil...


  6. [IRWIN, Eyles.]

    Eastern eclogues; written during a tour through Arabia, Egypt, and other parts of Asia and Africa, in the year...

    London, for J. Dodsley, 1780.

    First edition of these travel-inspired poems by the Calcutta-born East India Company servant Eyles Irwin (1751-1817), composed during his journey from India to England in 1777, and containing several interesting references to the British presence in India.