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    Opera Omnia [in Greek].

    Venice, Aldine Press, May 1526.

    a superb copy of the first edition in the original greek of the hippocratic corpus.


  2. BERTRAM, Jessie Brown, after Hill & Adamson.

    Collection of portraits and views from Edinburgh and St Andrews,

    1843–47, printed circa 1916.

    David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson are known primarily for their portraits of ‘men of the cloth’ taken during a short burst of intense photographic activity between 1843 and 1847. Their portraits of women and children are fewer but equally memorable and perhaps more appreciated today, as are...


  3. LOVELACE, Lady Ada Augusta.

    [MENABREA, Luigi]. ‘Sketch of the Analytical Engine invented by Charles Babbage Esq. By L. F. Menabrea...

    [London: Richard & John E. Taylor, 1843.]

    First edition, journal issue, of the best contemporary description of Babbage’s Analytical Engine, the first programmable (mechanical) computer.


  4. [INDULGENCE]. MILÁ, Luis de, Cardinal.

    Letter of Indulgence (in Catalan), beginning ‘A Honor …’ granted by Luis de Mila,...

    Lérida, Heinrich Botel, c. 1498.

    Printed at Lérida, the second city of Catalonia, about 100 miles inland from Barcelona: an indulgence granted by Luis de Mila, Bishop of Lérida, in favour of the living (as opposed to the dead; see below) to gather funds for the repair of the old Cathedral of Lérida.



    Regula et constitutiones Canonicorum Regularium congregationis S. Salvatoris, Ordinis Sancti Augustini....

    Rome, apud Paulum Bladum, 1592.

    The most complete edition, rare, of the Rule and Constitutions of the Order of the Canons Regular of St. Augustine of the Congregation of the Most Holy Saviour, printed on vellum, with two seemingly unrecorded cancels, from the library of a former Abbot General of the Order.


  6. REDOUTÉ, Pierre Joseph.

    Les Roses, peintes par P.J.R. Descrites par Cl. Ant.Thory.

    Paris, C.F.L. Panckoucke, 1824.

    First 8vo edition of Redouté’s gargantuan masterpiece, lavishly illustrated with stipple-engravings by Bessa, Bessin, Chapuy, Charlin, Coutant, Langlois, Lemaire, Talbot, Teillard and Victor after the original aquarelles by Redouté, popularly nicknamed the ‘Raphael of Flowers’.


  7. SMITH, Adam.

    Investigacion de la Naturaleza y Causas de la Riqueza de las Naciones.

    Valladolid, ‘En la Oficina de la Vuida é Hijos de Santander, 1794.

    First edition in Spanish. Despite the defects mentioned above a very good unsophisticated copy of the first edition in Spanish of The Wealth of Nations. It was translated by Josef Alfonso Ortiz from the fifth edition of 1789 (although curiously Ortiz cites the as-yet-unpublished 1796 eighth edition),...


  8. Lettres édifiantes et curieuses écrites des missions étrangères, par quelques missionnaires de la Compagnie de Jésus.

    Paris, [variously:] Jean Cusson, Nicolas le Clerc, Jean Barbou, P.G. le Mercier, Boudet, Marc Bordelet, H.L. Guerin, L.F. Delatour, Rualt,...

    A very rare complete first edition set of the enormously significant Lettres édifiantes et curieuses, ‘the most valuable 18th-century source on Jesuit activities in frontier regions throughout the world’ (Hill Collection of Pacific Voyages) and a monument to Jesuit missionary and scientific zeal....


  9. [NEWTON.] GLOVER, Samuel, goldsmith.

    Mourning ring for John Newton.

    London, 1807.

    An extraordinary survival, one of three mourning rings produced for Newton’s executors, as specified in a codicil of his will (proved 4 February 1808). The whereabouts of the other two rings is unknown and it possible that this is the only one to have survived.


  10. DONNE, John.

    Poems … with Elegies on the Authors Death …

    London. Printed by M. F. for John Marriot, and are to be sold at his Shop … 1633.

    First edition of what may arguably be called the greatest poetical collection of the seventeenth century. This is the issue (precedence not established, but presumably the first) without the inserted leaves 2A2 (‘The Printer to the Understanders’ and ‘Hexastichon Bibliopolae’) and with Nn1 in...


  11. HOUGHTON, John.

    A collection for improvement of husbandry and trade.

    London, Randal Taylor, John Whitlock, E. Whitlock, J. Nutt, 30 March 1692 – 20 October 1699.

    A truly exceptional run of this scarce and pioneering weekly trade periodical, comprising a complete set of vols 1-10, most of the numbers for vols 11-13, and some for vol. 14, from the library of the Scottish patriot Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun (1653?-1716). Houghton’s periodical ‘embraced the new...


  12. [ANDREAE, Johann Valentin.]

    Reipublicae Christianopolitanae descriptio ...

    Strasburg, heirs of Lazarus Zetzner, 1619.

    a fine sammelband of four first editions by andreae, including his famous christian utopia.


  13. [GIACOMETTI, Alberto, illustrator] DUPIN, Jacques.


    Paris, Guy Lévis Mano, February 1960.

    First edition, limited to 530 copies, this being number 60 of 75 copies on vélin d’Arches, the only ones to include a scarce original etching by Alberto Giacometti, numbered and signed in pencil by the artist.



    Die Cronica van der hilliger Stat Coellen.

    Cologne, Johann [II] Koelhoff, [23rd August 1499].

    First edition of the first history of Cologne, famous for containing one of the earliest printed accounts on the history of printing.


  15. [FROBEN, Johannes].

    Portrait, after Holbein the Younger, showing the scholar-printer half-length, to right, black fur-lined dress,...

    The original of this celebrated portrait is lost, and it only survives in copies. There is one at Hampton Court, for example. See the account in Oliver Miller, Tudor, Stuart and early Georgian Paintings in the Royal Collection, 1963. There are two copies in the Öffentliche Kunstsammlung at Basel (357, 1910).


  16. CASSIAN, John, monk.

    De institutis coenobiorum [together with:] Collationes Patrum.

    Basel, [Johann Amerbach], after 24 September 1485.

    HUGO DE SANCTO VICTORE. De sacramentis Christianae fidei. Strasbourg, [Printer of the 1483 Jordanus de Quedlinburg (Georg Husner)], 30 July 1485.


  17. AUGUSTINE, Saint.

    St. Augustine, of the Citie of God: with the learned Comments of Io. Lod. Vives. Englished by J. H.

    [London,] Printed by George Eld. 1610.

    First edition in English of Augustine’s City of God, translated by the traveller and gentleman’s steward John Healey. ‘Our earliest treatise on the philosophy of history’, as Voltaire called it, City of God is a cornerstone of Western thought, pervading the whole of the Middle Ages,...


  18. McCORMICK, Robert M.

    Narrative of a Boat Expedition up the Wellington Channel in the Year 1852, under the Command of R. M‘Cormick...

    London: George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode [for the author], 1854.

    First edition, first issue. The naval surgeon, explorer, and naturalist McCormick (1800-1890) was the son of Robert McCormick the elder, a naval surgeon who died on HMS Defense when it was wrecked in December 1817. The younger McCormick studied medicine at Guy’s and Thomas’s hospitals in London under...