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  1. ABBEVILLE, Claude d’.

    Histoire de la mission des peres capucins en l’isle de Maragnan et terres circonvoisines ou est traicte...

    Paris, François Huby, 1614.

    Second edition, enlarged and revised from the first edition published earlier the same year, a handsome copy. The first written account of the Capuchin mission to Maranhão, an island on the coast of Brazil, of which, Sabin notes, this is the earliest mention. In 1612 the mission, composed of...



    La Colonna di chiesa santa. Panegirico detto nella solennizata festa di S. Agostino nella Chiesa de RR....

    Milan, Lodovico Monza, 1660.

    Very rare panegyric given at the Church of San Marco in Milan to mark the feast day of St Augustine in 1660, by the Milanese lawyer Matteo Abbiate Forieri, an annual event on behalf of the lawyers of the city’s Scuole Palatine.


  3. [ABC.] 

    Alphabet mythologique. 

    [Paris,] lith. Durand, Ligny Jne. et Cie, [1840s?]. 

    A delightful and extremely rare ABC depicting figures from Greek and Roman mythology, alongside the Hindu river goddess Yamuna for the letter Y. 


  4. [ABC.]

    Petite géographie amusante abécédaire nouveau offrant pour chaque lettre de l’alphabet une carte coloriée avec l’explication...

    Paris, P.-C. Lehuby, [1851].

    A charming and very rare ABC intended to teach children European geography, from A for Allemagne to Z for Zara in Dalmatia, published just a few years after the upheavals of the revolutions of 1848.



    Favola di due gatti e della scimia coll’ appello de’ medesimi gatti all’ orso, divisa in due...

    Florence, Bernardo Paperini, 1730.

    First complete edition. A rare fable in parallel Latin and Italian verse by members of the Accademia dell’Arcadia, comprising Due gatti ed una scimia (first published in 1728) and the first appearance of the second part, Appello de’ due gatti all’ orso. Both are published only pseudonymously under...


  6. ACETI DE’ PORTI, Serafino. 

    Novo paradiso di delitie spirituali, nel quale si contiene la vita del salvator nostro Giesu Christo. ...

    Bologna, Giovanni Rossi, 1563. 

    Rare first edition of this devotional work by Serafino Aceti de’ Porti (1496–1540), a Canon Regular of the Lateran, encompassing episodes from the life of Christ, passages on love for God and on charity, prayers to the Virgin Mary, and spiritual advice by St Bridget. 


  7. ACTON, William.

    Prostitution, considered in its moral, social, & sanitary aspects, in London and other large cities. With proposals...

    London, [Savill and Edwards for] John Churchill, 1857.

    First edition of this medico-social analysis of sex work and sexually transmitted infections in London, in which physician William Acton argues for increased governmental intervention, influential in shaping the later Contagious Diseases Acts of 1864, 1866, and 1869.


  8. ADAMS, John Couch.

    The scientific Papers … edited by William Grylls Adams … with a Memoir by J.W.L. Glaisher.

    Cambridge, University Press, 1896 [– 1900].

    First edition of the posthumously published collected papers of the Cambridge mathematician and astronomer, John Couch Adams (1819–1892). ‘In retrospect Adams’ many mathematical and astronomical achievements pale in comparison to his analysis of the orbit of Uranus and his prediction of...


  9. ADDAMS, Jane.

    [Two autograph letters.] Twenty years at Hull House with autobiographical notes.

    New York, Macmillan, 1910.

    First edition, second printing (issued in the same month and year as the first). William Scarlett was Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri, and one of the founders of the Grace Hill Settlement House in St. Louis, based on Addams’s model for Hull House. The letters, addressed to Scarlett in New...


  10. ADLER, Alfred.

    Über den nervösen Charakter. Grunzüge einer vergleichenden Individual-psychologie und Psychotherapie.

    Wiesbaden, J.F. Bergmann, 1912.

    First edition of this important work on neurosis by the influential Austrian psychologist and psychotherapist Alfred Adler (1870-1937) definitively marking his break with Freud and the origins of what he termed ‘individual psychology’, characterised by the notion that the principal driver...


  11. [ADOLPHUS, Prince, later Duke of Cambridge.]

    Manuscript collection of fifty-four songs in Italian, French and German.

    [Hanover?, 1796.]

    The seventh son of George III and Queen Charlotte, Prince Adolphus (1774–1850), was born in London, but in 1786 was sent alongside his two brothers Ernest and Augustus to be educated in Göttingen, then followed a military career, with successive positions in both the Hanoverian and the British armies....


  12. ADORNO Theodore W. Else FRENKEL-BRUNSWIK Daniel J. LEVINSON and R. Nevitt SANFORD.

    The authoritarian personality.

    New York, Harper Brothers, 1950.

    First edition. Theodore Adorno is well known as having been a leading light of the Frankfurt School of critical theory. Less known, but nevertheless worthy of note, are his co-authors, each of whom made notable contributions to the field of psychology. The authoritarian personality is itself a groundbreaking...


  13. AELIANUS, Claudius, Conrad GESSNER (translator), and Pierre GILLES (editor).

    Περι ζωων ιδιοτητος...

    Cologny, Philippe Albert, 1616.

    Uncommon Geneva edition of Aelianus’s De animalium natura, the Greek printed in parallel with Gessner’s Latin translation. A third-century work on natural history, Aelianus’s text offers accounts and anecdotes of animals, ‘an appealing collection of facts and fables about the animal...


  14. AESOP.

    [DODSLEY, Robert.] Select Fables of Esop and other Fabulists. In three Books …

    Birmingham, Printed by John Baskerville, for R. and J. Dodsley … 1764.

    An extremely attractive emblematic binding by Hanway’s second binder, inscribed by Hanway ‘For Master James Ord from his most affectionate Servant & friend / J Hanway / 10 June 1765’, and with a two-page ‘Explanation of the Binding’ in prose and verse:


  15. AESOP. 

    The Fables …  With a Life of the Author: and embellished with one hundred & twelve Plates … 

    London, Printed for John Stockdale … 1793. 

    Second Stockdale edition, a paginary reprint of the first with the text reset using a short ‘s’ throughout; the translation was that of Samuel Croxall.  Stockdale’s Aesop was notable for the extensive suite of illustrations, with plates by some thirty engravers including Stothard and Landseer,...


  16. [AGRIPPA, Heinrich Cornelius.]

    De la grandeur et de l’excellence des femmes, au dessus des hommes. Ouvrage composé en Latin,...

    Paris, François Baruty, 1713.

    The third translation into French, but the first in the eighteenth century, of this work in praise of the female sex by the German occultist, lawyer, and soldier Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim (1486–1535).


  17. AIKEN, Conrad.


    New York, George Braziller, 1967.

    First trade edition, inscribed ‘For Geoffrey and Joyce [Bridson] / this little hymn of love / from Conrad / 1968’.


  18. AIKEN, Conrad.

    Ushant, an Essay.

    New York & Boston, Duell, Sloan and Pearce / Little, Brown and Company, [1952].

    First edition, inscribed ‘For Geoffrey [Bridson] from Conrad. Ex – Xmas 1956’. Ushant, Conrad’s ‘autobiographical narrative’, is often considered his most significant work in prose.


  19. AIKEN, Conrad.

    Selected Poems.

    New York, Oxford University Press, 1964.

    Second printing (first 1961), inscribed: ‘For Geoffrey from Conrad and Savannah with a Hosanna 1968’. Born in Savannah, Georgia, Aiken spent winters there later in his life. It was in Savannah in April 1968 that Bridson recorded the unbroadcast interviews which provide a valuable insight into...


  20. AINSWORTH, William Harrison.

    The Combat of the Thirty. From a Breton Lay of the fourteenth Century. With an Introduction, comprising...

    London: Chapman and Hall … 1859

    First edition of the first English translations of these two texts, inscribed to ‘James Crossley from his old friend William Harrison Ainsworth’. The two men had been friends since 1817 when Crossley, a solicitor, was articled to Ainsworth’s father and later became a partner in the firm. He was...