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  1. EDE.

    A Story. Three Volumes ...

    London: Remington & Co. Publishers ... 1889.

    First edition. Stifled by her boring life as the pampered daughter of a rich Midlands banker, Edith runs away to the neighbouring Potteries. She uses skills acquired as an accomplished young lady of leisure to get a job in the local porcelain factory as painter on china. She soon finds herself promoted...


  2. ERENBURG, Il’ia Grigorievich.

    Ogon’ [Fire].

    [Gomel], “Veka i Dni”, 1919.

    First edition. Although primarily known in the West as a prose writer and journalist (his novel Ottepel’ (The Thaw, 1954) coined the term for the era in the post-Stalin period), Ehrenburg (1891–1967) in fact wrote poetry all his life. The title for this collection, published in the south-eastern...


  3. ELLIS, Charles Thomas.

    Practical Remarks and Precedents of Proceedings in Parliament; comprising the Standing Orders of both Houses,...

    London, Brooke and Rider et al., 1802.

    First edition of the earliest comprehensive treatment of the important subject of private bill legislation, being a greatly revised and enlarged version of the author’s Solicitor’s Instructor in Parliament concerning Estate and Inclosure Bills (1799). Further, updated editions and supplements were...


  4. ELLIS, Sarah Stickney.

    Look to the End; or, the Bennets abroad ...

    Fisher, Son, & Co. ... London [1845].

    First edition. Travelling in Italy Mrs. Ellis was struck by the beauty of the scenery and by alarm ‘at the vast power which an intense love of the beautiful might exercise over a young and feeling character’. This gave her the idea for Look to the End, the story of an English family travelling abroad...


  5. EPICTETUS. [DU VAIR, Guillaume, translator].

    Le Manuel d’Epictete.

    Paris, Abel L’Angelier, 1591.

    Rare first edition of this translation of the “Encheiridion” or “Manual” of Epictetus’ principal doctrines; an earlier translation by Antoine Du Moulin had been published in 1544.


  6. FAY, Charles Ryle.

    Copartnership in Industry.

    Cambridge, at the University Press, 1913.

    First edition. Charles Ryle Fay (1884–1961) was a favourite pupil of Alfred Marshall, and in 1908 was elected to a fellowship at Christ’s College where he later became a reader in Economic History.


  7. FINER, Hermann.

    The Theory and Practice of Modern Government ... Vol. I [– II].

    London, Methuen, 1932.

    First British edition, published simultaneously with the first New York edition. This classic work of modern political science, chiefly concerned with constitutional and political practice in the United States, Britain, Germany, and France, is characterized by the treatment of ‘varieties of forms of...


  8. FIORILLO, Johann Dominicus.

    Geschichte der zeichnenden Künste, von ihrer Wiederauflebung bis auf die neusten Zeiten ...

    Göttingen, bei Johann Georg Rosenbusch, 1798 [and Johann Friederich Rower], 1801-1805.

    First edition. Fiorillo began as a painter, studying in Rome and Bologna, but turned to art history and became a professor at the University of Gottingen and colleague of Lichtenberg, in 1781. His erudite survey of the art of painting throughout Europe was among the first to make use of medieval documentary...


  9. FRESNE, François Ebaudy de.

    Traité d’Agriculture. Considérée tant en elle même que dans ses rapports d’économie politique....

    Paris, De Bray, 1788

    First edition, scarce. ‘According to De Fresne (1743-1815), French agriculture was suffering from the undue extent of corn-growing, and an excessive consumption of fodder in large towns ... He advocates the extension of pasture lands, and a more developed production of cattle and consumption of meat...


  10. FROST, Percival.

    Newton’s Principia, First Book, Sections I., II., III., with notes and illustrations.

    London, Macmillan, 1880

    Second imprint of the third edition. This book, first published in Cambridge in 1854, was intended and used as a text for university students. The author was formerly fellow of St. John’s College.



    [Original artwork]. Shop frontage designs.

    Paris, c.1900.

    Two striking facades of the Galeries Lafayette building, with the outlines of figures and carriages in relief as a street scene between the two looks. The first shows various sporting pursuits under a globe topped by a boat, the second dancers.


  12. GANTT, Henry Laurence.

    Travail, Salaires et Bénéfices … Introduction par C. Bertrand Thompson avec 17 figures et diagrammes...

    Paris, Payot, 1921.

    First edition in French, translated from the second American edition of Gantt’s Work, Wages and Profits (1916).


  13. GERVASIO, Agostino.

    Intorno alla iscrizione puteolana de’ Luccei osservazioni ...

    Naples, Stamperia Reale, 1851.

    First edition. Gervasio attempts a new interpretation of an ancient inscription discovered in Pozzuoli.


  14. GIBBON, Charles.

    By Mead and Stream, a Novel ... in three Volumes ...

    London: Chatto and Windus ... 1884.

    First edition. A concealed father, a concealed benefactor, and a concealed room all play a part in this busy romance in the country setting of ‘Willowmere’, where success at the Smithfield show is as important to one of the protagonists as a wedding and a reunion are to others. Charles Gibbon (1834-1890)...


  15. GICHTEL, Johann Georg and Johann Georg GRABER.

    Eine kurtze Eröfnung und Anweisung der dreyen Principien und Welten im Menschen....

    [N. p.], 1723.

    scarce first edition, published posthumously. ‘When the Regensburg-born Gichtel (1638-1710) came to Holland, he was gripped by the spiritual movements of the mystical emigrants, who had been forced to leave Germany as a result of persecution by the Lutheran orthodoxy. In Amsterdam he also became acquainted...


  16. GLOBA, Andrei Pavlovich.

    Korabli izdaleka [Ships from Afar].

    Moscow & Petrograd, 1922.

    First edition, an early collection by Globa (1888–1964), a popular Soviet writer whose poetry became well known as song lyrics.


  17. GOING, Charles Buxton.

    Principes d’organisation industrielle … Introduction par C. Bertrand Thompson.

    Paris, Payot, 1922.

    First French translation of Going’s Principles of Industrial Engineering (1911). Only 2 copies recorded in NUC (NN, MH).


  18. GOURAUD, Charles.

    Socialism Unmasked: a plain lecture. From the French of Charles Gourard [sic].

    London, George Slater, 1850.

    First edition in English of Le socialisme dévoilé (1849), translated and published in London as ‘it must not be forgotten, that at the present moment several of the most able, and therefore most dangerous, apostles of this pernicious doctrine are fugitives in England; and it is, moreover, well known...


  19. GRAVENHIL, Guy.

    Jack Skeffington. A sporting Novel ... in two Volumes ...

    London: Chapman and Hall, Limited. 1891.

    First edition. Squire Skeffington is a man of learning who loves ‘deep books, pictures, and architecture. [He] was fond of open-air exercise ... But his worst enemy would not have described him as a sportsman’. The Squire struggles in vain to instil a love of the classics in his son Jack in place...


  20. GROSSI, G. B. Gennaro.

    Le Belle Arti.

    Naples, dalla tipografia del Giornale Enciclopedico, 1820.

    First edition in book form, reprinted from the Giornale Enciclopedico di Napoli, with some additional material in an appendix to the second volume. The first volume is on the music and musicians of Naples, the second volume deals with Neapolitan painters up to the eighteenth century.