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  1. HUTCHINSON, Walter, editor.

    1001 Wonderful Things.

    London, Hutchinson & Co., [1935].

    First edition. Aldiss’s page references mostly relate to prehistoric creatures including sabre-toothed tigers and dinosaurs.

    Provenance: from the library of science fiction author Brian Aldiss (1925-2017).


  2. PIECK, Henri C.

    10 Dagen Die De Wereld Deden Wankelen.

    Amsterdam, Skovino, 1927.

    A rare lithograph of Pieck’s dramatic illustration for Ten Days that Shook the World (October in English), a silent film commissioned by the Soviet government to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the October Revolution. Made by the director of Battleship Potemkin (1925), Sergei Eisenstein, the...


  3. ALBERTI, Rafael.

    13 Bandas y 48 estrellas. Poema del Mar Caribe.

    Madrid, Manuel Altolaguirre, 1936.

    First edition. ‘The thirteen poems collected in 13 bandas y 48 estrellas, first published in 1936 and later recollected in part 3 of De un momento a otro, are songs of protest against, and critical evaluations of, the role of “el imperialismo yanki”, “la diplomacia del horror”,...


  4. LEBEDEV, V. P.

    175 godovshchina Pervago Kadetskago korpusa. 17 fevralia 1907 g. [175th Anniversary of the First Corps of Cadets,...

    [St Petersburg,] Press of the First Corps of Cadets, 1906.

    Only edition of this collection of poems commemorating the 175th anniversary of the First Corps of Cadets, set up under Anna Ivanovna. Each of the ten ‘scenes in verse’ is narrated by a cadet, once for each Tsar under which the Corps has served.


  5. BOLAÑO, Roberto.


    Barcelona, Editorial Anagrama, [2004].

    First edition of the Chilean writer’s last novel, the major preoccupation of the last five years of his life. 2666, a cryptic, stylistically rich and violent tale centred around murders of young women in Cuidad Juarez (Santa Teresa in the novel), was published a year after Bolaño’s death...


  6. [BEWICK, Thomas?]

    26 rubbings from engraved woodblocks of the heads of Kings and Queens and England, apparently never published...


    26 apparently unrecorded wood-engravings – heads of the monarchs of England from William the Conqueror to George III – these images taken by rubbing from the blocks rather than printing. The engravings bear strong similarity to the 26 which appear in An Abridgement of the History of England …...


  7. LANGE, Norah.

    45 Días y 30 marineros. Novela.

    Buenos Aires, Editorial Tor (Colección Cometa), 1933.

    First edition: Norah Lange’s second novel, which follows a 20-year old girl, Ingrid, the only woman on the ship, on a voyage from Buenos Aires to Oslo.


  8. [COSTUME.]

    6 Blätter Altenburger Trachten.

    Altenburg, Schnuphase’sche Buchhandlung, [c. 1857].

    Charming Altenburg costume plates, lacking at least one plate.


  9. SOKOLOV, Ippolit Vasilevich, et al.


    [Moscow, 1921.]

    First edition: four short poems from the leading Soviet film critic Ippolit Sokolov, together with lyric pieces by two minor writers, Boris Pereleshin and Aleksandr Rakitnikov.


  10. [LAW, John.]

    Abbildung des auf der Strasse Quincampoix in Paris entstandenen so berühmten Actien-Handel. Excudit C. Weigel nach...


    This engraving is a German version of ‘Rue Quinquempoix en l'Année 1720’(BM Catalogue 1655). It gives a view, in angular perspective, of the Rue Quinquempoix, Paris, with crowds of persons assembled there during the share mania of the Mississippi, South Sea, and other schemes which bubbled in the...


  11. [TORGA, Miguel, pseud.] ROCHA, Adolpho Correia da.

    Abismo. Poemas.

    [Coimbra, “Atlantida”, 1932.]

    First (and only) edition of one of the very rare early collections of poetry of Miguel Torga, published under his own name while he was still a medical student in Coimbra.


  12. SCHRÖDER, Ernst.

    Abriss der Algebra der Logik. Bearb. im Auftrag der deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung von dr. Eugen Müller....

    Leipzig and Berlin, B.G. Teubner, 1909.

    First edition of the first of two parts of Schröder’s Abriss, edited by E. Müller and published posthumously in 1909 and 1910. Committed to the reform and development of logic, Schröder debuted in this field with a fundamental revision of Boole’s logic of classes, which emphasized the notion of...


  13. VEBLEN, Thorstein.

    Absentee ownership and business enterprise in recent times. The case of America.

    New York, B. W. Huebsch, 1923.

    First edition of Veblen’s most caustic work. In it, ‘he concluded that the forces of business-as-usual and of national integrity were steadily coalescing “by night and cloud” and that the continued supremacy of business nationalism would probably lead to a renewal of the servile despotism characteristic...



    An Abstract of the history and proceedings of the Revolution Society, in London. To which is annexed a copy...

    [London,] 1789.

    First editions, very scarce. A good volume, uniting three London radical societies. The Revolution Society was founded in 1788 by Priestley, Thomas Brand Hollis and others to celebrate the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and uphold the Bill of Rights. Its membership was to become increasingly supportive...



    Abstract ‘transcribed from a Copy drawn by Mr Weller out of the Court rolls of Otford Manor’...

    [Otford, circa 1687].

    At this time the various branches of the Polhill family were the leading landowners in Shoreham and Otford. This abstract lists the Courts held after the decease of the successive Polhils, and the admission of the successive heirs to the lands of Sandbeaches and Tylefeilds. It ends ‘This is what Mr...


  16. VINCENS, Jean Alexandre.

    Account book.

    Nimes, France, 1783-1800.

    A unique record of the financial transactions and business dealings of a leading Protestant family of bankers and merchants in Nîmes, in the south of France, prior to and during the French Revolution, covering the period between May 1783 and Fructidor year VIII i.e. 1800.


  17. [KEIR, James.]

    An Account of the Life and Writings of Thomas Day, Esq.

    London, John Stockdale, 1791.

    First edition of the first biography of Day. An author, political radical, and ardent student of Rousseau’s ideas on education, Thomas Day’s life (1748–1789) was eccentric and often contradictory. A supporter of the American Revolution and opponent of slavery, he had published in 1780 three...


  18. BURNEY, Charles.

    An Account of the musical Performances in Westminster-Abbey, and the Pantheon, May 26th, 27th, 29th; and June...

    London, Printed for the Benefit of the musical Fund; and sold by T. Payne and Son ... 1785.

    First edition. The Handel Commemoration Concerts of 1784, conceived the previous year by Viscount Fitzwilliam, Sir Watkins Williams Wynn and Joah Bates to celebrate the centenary of the birth of George Frederick Handel, were performances on a scale then unprecedented in England. On the morning of Wednesday...


  19. [SINCLAIR, Sir John].

    Account of the origin of the Board of Agriculture, and its progress for three years after its establishment....

    London, Bulmer, 1796.

    First and only edition, rare in commerce. Sinclair pushes the importance of statistical agricultural surveying in his capacity as president of the Board of Agriculture, founded in 1793. The agricultural improver Arthur Young was his secretary. This includes the blank sample tables for population data...



    Account of the proceedings at a general meeting of the London Corresponding Society, convened by...

    [London, s.n., 1795].

    Sole edition of this account of a meeting of the radical London Corresponding Society, under the chairmanship of the orator John Gale Jones (1769-1838). This was the first meeting of the Society for more than a year, largely due to the 1794 treason trials which had targeted some of its leading members;...