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Human Sciences at Quaritch embraces a wide range of books and manuscripts documenting the history of ideas from the earliest times up to about 1960. Our strengths are in the history of economic thought and in philosophy, but we also deal in law; finance and banking (including speculation, actuarial science and insurance); politics and political theory; sociology; psychology; agriculture; education; logic; and the theory of language.

Some notable items which have recently passed through our hands include the only known copy of the Communist Manifesto inscribed by Karl Marx, Rudolf Carnap’s annotated copy of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus (Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung), Joseph Penso de la Vega’s Confusion de Confusiones (1688, the first book to describe the practice of a stock-exchange) and a copy of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations (4th edition, 1786), inscribed in Smith's own hand to Bonnie Prince Charlie's private secretary.

As well as dealing in individual books and manuscripts, we also offer collections. In recent years we have sold author collections of Friedrich Nietzsche, Bertrand Russell, Thorstein Veblen, Emile Durkheim and Jeremy Bentham. Among subject collections we have offered are the Herwood Library of accounting literature (including Pacioli's Summa de Arithmetica, 1494, the first printed exposition of double-entry book-keeping); the philosophy of language; texts pertaining to the theory and study of language in the West, and the history of probability - the calculus of probabilities, statistics and their applications.

  1. RICARDO, David.

    The Works and Correspondence of David Ricardo, edited by Piero Sraffa with the Collaboration of M.H. Dobb.

    Cambridge, Cambridge University Press for the Royal Economic Society, 1951 [– 1955].

    First comprehensive edition of the works of the political economist David Ricardo (1772-1823).


  2. RICARDO, David (1772-1823), political economist.

    Manuscript address panel to ‘Mr. Mitchell Vote Office House of Commons’ signed...

    Brighton, 23 July 1820.

    The present address panel undoubtedly stems from a request for documents by Ricardo mentioned in a letter to John Ramsay McCulloch, of 2 August 1820, in which Ricardo writes as follows: ‘I have been for sometime in this place [Brighton] enjoying the sea breezes ... The papers which I moved for respecting...


  3. RICHARDSON, Ralph.

    Coutts & Co. Bankers Edinburgh and London, being the memoirs of a family distinguished for its public services...

    London, Elliott Stock, 1901

    Second edition, revised and enlarged, narrating the instrumental role of the Coutts family in establishing a magnificent system of banking in Scotland.


  4. ROBERTSON, Dennis Holme.

    Wages. The Stamp Memorial Lecture 1954.

    London, The Athlone Press, 1954.

    First edition, corrected issue.


  5. ROBINSON, J.W. & J.R.

    The farmers and traders guide, showing at one view, the wholesale or retail value of any commodity from ¼...

    Pumpkintown, East Tennessee, Johnston & Edwards, 1839.

    First edition. Pumpkintown, so called for its abundant crop of pumpkins, was a flourishing trade centre at the start of the nineteenth century, serving as a contact point for wagon trains, and attracting merchants from Charleston, Hamburg and Augusta who bartered city produce for livestock and farm products....



    A Collection of Advertisements, Advices, and Directions, relating to the Royal Fishery within the British...

    London, printed for H.M. and sold by J. Whitlock, 1695.

    First edition. The Royal Fishery Company, incorporated in 1662, had great trouble finding subscribers. Initially, Charles II offered £9000 as an incentive to investors but on these only raising £3680 he withdrew his undertaking, instead allowing a lottery to aid the Company’s fortunes. After attempts...



    The Report of the Committee of the House of Commons, to whom the Petition of the Royal Lustring-Company...

    London, E. Whitlock, 1698.

    First edition; a French version appeared the same year. Since its foundation in 1688, the Royal Lustring Company (importers of ‘lustrings’ or ‘alamodes’ – a fine, light, glossy, black silk) had enjoyed special monopolistic privileges which it had exploited to the full. However, by the end...


  8. SALIN, Edgar.

    Geschichte der Volkswirtschaftslehre. Zweite neugestaltete Auflage.

    Berlin, Julius Springer, 1929.

    Second, expanded, edition (first, 1923) of Edgar Salin’s History of Economics, published as part XXXIV of the Enzyklopädie der Rechts-und Staatswissenschaft. The work is a brief yet comprehensive overview of the history of economic ideas from classical antiquity to the present. In three sections on...


  9. SAX, Emil.

    Das Wesen und die Aufgaben der Nationalökonomie. Ein Beitrag zu den Grundproblemen dieser Wissenschaft.

    Vienna, Alfred Hölder, 1884.

    First edition, a remarkably clean copy, of ‘one of the most compendious of the early statements of the Austrian views on methodology’ (Batson). The Austrian economist Emil Sax (1845–1927) is noted today for extending the marginal theory of value to cover public finance and transport.


  10. SAY, Jean Baptiste.

    Catecismo de economía política, ó instruccion familiar. Que muestra de que modo se producen, distribuyen...

    Madrid, Alban, [but Paris?] 1822.

    First edition of a scarce Spanish translation of Say’s Catechisme, originally published in French in 1815, then republished, substantially enlarged, in 1821. Together with Augustin Pascual’s version, published in Madrid at the same time, this is the first Spanish translation of the revised 1821 text....


  11. SAY, Léon.

    Les solutions démocratiques de la question des impots. Conférences faites à l’École des science politiques …...

    Paris, Guillaumin et Cie, 1886.

    First edition. Léon Say (1826–1896), grandson of Jean-Baptiste Say, ‘became one of the most prominent statesmen of the French Third Republic. He served as Finance Minister from 1872 to 1879, and again in 1882, overseeing the largest financial operation of the century – payment of war reparations...


  12. SAY, Léon.

    [cover title: ] La Société coopérative est la meilleure des caisses d’épargne.

    Lille, L. Danel, [1866?].

    First edition. Léon Say (1826–1896), grandson of Jean-Baptiste Say, ‘became one of the most prominent statesmen of the French Third Republic. He served as Finance Minister from 1872 to 1879, and again in 1882, overseeing the largest financial operation of the century – payment of war reparations...


  13. SAY, Léon.

    Le Socialisme d’état. Conférences faites au Cercle Saint-Simon.

    Paris, Calmann Lévy, 1884.

    First edition of this lecture on centralization and state socialism, given at a meeting of the Cercle Saint-Simon. Léon Say (1826-1896), the grandson of the economist Jean Baptiste, examines the étatiste tendencies in Bismarck’s Germany and traces of socialism in the politics of other European states,...


  14. SCALÉ, Bernard.

    Tables for the easy valuing of estates, from one shilling to five pounds per acre: also the parts of an acre,...

    London, printed for the author and sold by T. Cadell, 1771

    Bernard Scalé was an eminent Irish cartographer and surveyor. ‘The contemporary rebuilding in towns and modernization of estates in Ireland gave scope for [his] work and [his] influence endured well into the nineteenth century’ (DNB). This work is dedicated to James Fitzgerald, first duke of Leinster,...


  15. SCHLÖZER, August, and Denis-François DONNANT (translator).

    Introduction à la science de la statistique, suivie d’un coup-d’oeil...

    Paris, J.J. Marcel at the Imprimerie Impériale and distributed by A. Galland, An XIII (1805).

    First French translation of Schlözer’s Theorie der Statistik (1804). Schlözer was Achenwall’s most important disciple, ‘and the principal representative of the Göttingen school in that department [statistics]. He regarded statistics as a part of politics, to which it was related [in the same...


  16. SCHMALZ, Theodor Anton Heinrich.

    Économie politique, ouvrage traduit de l’Allemand ... par Henri Jouffroy ... revu et annoté...

    Paris, Arthus Bertrand, 1826.

    First edition in French of this work on the principles of economics, originally published in 1818 as Staatswirtschaftslehre in Briefen an einen teutschen Erbprinzen. Schmalz (1760–1831) has been called ‘the last of the physiocrats’. ‘Though he criticised Adam Smith severely, he was opposed to...


  17. [SCHMID, Georg Ludwig.]

    Essais sur divers sujets intéressans de politique et de morale.

    [Aarau,] 1760.

    One of two editions that appeared in 1760, the other, which was probably published in Paris, bearing the title Traité sur divers sujets intéressans de politique et de morale. The latter is given precedence by Barbier, Higgs and Kress, so ours is probably the second edition.


  18. SCHMOLLER, Gustav.

    Grundriss der Allgemeinen Volkswirtschaftslehre. Erster, grösserer Teil [- zweiter Teil]. Erste bis dritte...

    Leipzig, verlag von Duncker & Humblot, 1900-04.

    First edition of this important work in the field of political economy. Gustav Schmoller was the head of the 'younger' historical school of economics and the leading economist of Imperial Germany. The Grundriss, on which he worked for nearly twenty years, remained for a long period the major achievment...


  19. SCIALOJA, Antonio.

    I Principî della economia sociale esposti in ordine ideologico … II. edizione riveduta, corretta ed aumentata.

    Turin, Giuseppe Pomba, 1846.

    Second edition, enlarged. Antonio Scialoja (1817–1877) studied at Naples, publishing the Principi della economia sociale (1840) there when he was only 22. It proved a great success in Italy and elsewhere, receiving many editions in Italian and a translation into French in 1843. In 1846, the year of...


  20. SELKIRK, Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of.

    Observations on the present state of the Highlands of Scotland, with a view of the causes...

    London, Longman et al., 1805.

    First edition. ‘In 1792 … Selkirk [1771–1820] undertook an extensive tour through the Scottish Highlands and became convinced that emigration thence was unavoidable. He also recognised the need of some controlling hand to direct it. He first conceived the idea of a settlement at the Red River (what...