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Human Sciences at Quaritch embraces a wide range of books and manuscripts documenting the history of ideas from the earliest times up to about 1960. Our strengths are in the history of economic thought and in philosophy, but we also deal in law; finance and banking (including speculation, actuarial science and insurance); politics and political theory; sociology; psychology; agriculture; education; logic; and the theory of language.

Some notable items which have recently passed through our hands include the only known copy of the Communist Manifesto inscribed by Karl Marx, Rudolf Carnap’s annotated copy of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus (Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung), Joseph Penso de la Vega’s Confusion de Confusiones (1688, the first book to describe the practice of a stock-exchange) and a copy of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations (4th edition, 1786), inscribed in Smith's own hand to Bonnie Prince Charlie's private secretary.

As well as dealing in individual books and manuscripts, we also offer collections. In recent years we have sold author collections of Friedrich Nietzsche, Bertrand Russell, Thorstein Veblen, Emile Durkheim and Jeremy Bentham. Among subject collections we have offered are the Herwood Library of accounting literature (including Pacioli's Summa de Arithmetica, 1494, the first printed exposition of double-entry book-keeping); the philosophy of language; texts pertaining to the theory and study of language in the West, and the history of probability - the calculus of probabilities, statistics and their applications.

  1. ČUPR, František.

    Sein oder Nichtsein der deutschen Philosophie in Böhmen 1847; ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der utilistischen...

    Prag, Gottlieb Haase Söhne, 1847

    First edition. A collection of articles which had previously been published in Czech periodicals, translated into German, and published as a study of the development of utilitarian thought. The preface sets out the perceived departure from the great ideologies of the past, highlighting Jewish, Greek,...



    [Greek title] De vitis, dogmatis & apophthegmatis eorum qui in philosophia claruerunt, libri X. (Edited by Henri...

    [Geneva], Henri Estienne, 1570.

    First Estienne edition of The Lives of the Philosophers, a very important edition in the original Greek, “in which appear for the first time many passages discovered in manuscripts by Estienne. The volume also contains 36 pages of important textual annotations by Henri Estienne and 3 pages of notes...


  3. DOLCE, Lodovico.

    Somma della filosofia a’Aristotele, e prima della dialettica. [with:] Somma di tutta la natural filosofia di...

    Venice, Giovanni Battista, & Marchio Sessa, & fratelli, [1565].

    First edition of this exposition of Aristotle’s dialaectics, moral, and natural philosophy by ‘one of the major transmitters of culture in cinquecento Italy’ (Ronnie H. Terpening, Lodovico Dolce: Renaissance Man of Letters, 1997).


  4. ECKARTSHAUSEN, Karl von, Hofrath.

    Die zehn Gebothe des Herrn, in sittlichen Erzählungen geschildert.

    Augsburg, Johann Bapt. Balthasar Merz, 1790.

    First edition of Eckhartshausen’s exposition of the Ten Commandments, illustrated by moral stories. Preceded by four short essays - the history of Simon the good Christian, there is no righteousness without religion, the happiness of Mankind is in religion, and Nature proves that there is God, the...


  5. EPICTETUS. [DU VAIR, Guillaume, translator].

    Le Manuel d’Epictete.

    Paris, Abel L’Angelier, 1591.

    Rare first edition of this translation of the “Encheiridion” or “Manual” of Epictetus’ principal doctrines; an earlier translation by Antoine Du Moulin had been published in 1544.


  6. GALIANI, Ferdinando, Abbé.

    Correspondance inédite de l’Abbé Ferdinand Galiani, conseiller du roi de Naples... Édition imprimée...

    Paris, Treuttel and Würtz, 1818.

    First edition, edited by Barbier, containing correspondence with Diderot, Grimm, Holbach, Morellet, and others.


  7. GEORGE, Henry.

    Izbrannyia rechi i stat’i … Perevod s Angliiskago S. D. Nikolaeva. [Collected lectures and essays … Translated...

    Moscow, ‘Posrednik’, 1905.

    First edition, very rare: Russian translations of 11 lectures and essays, published by the ‘Posrednik’ publishing house founded by Tolstoy, who was a vocal supporter of George and saw Russia as the natural home for his philosophy on the land question.


  8. GROUCHY, Nicolas de.

    Praeceptiones dialecticae, Nicolao Gruchio Rotomagensi authore. Disputatio eiusdem, quid de nomine dialectices...

    Paris, Gabriel Buon, 1563.

    Grouchy’s abstract of his lectures on logic and Aristotelian dialectic. Grouchy spent 12 years in Bordeaux (1535-47) as professor of rhetoric at the Collège de Guyenne (the top class was called “Classe de Rhétorique”), and his book became part of the Collège’s published syllabus for the two-year...


  9. HEMSTERHUIS, François.

    Sophyle ou De la philosophie.

    Paris [The Hague?], 1778.

    First edition, a fine copy of this work by the Dutch philosopher and aesthetician François Hemsterhuis (1721-1790), whose ideas influenced the German romantic thinkers F. H. Jacobi and J. G. Herder as well as the two Schlegels and Novalis. Sophyle belongs to the second period of Hemsterhuis’s career...


  10. HEMSTERHUIS, François.

    Alexis ou De l’age d’or.

    Riga, Hartknoch, 1787.

    First edition, rare, of an influential work of pre-Romantic aesthetics. Alexis is one of four Platonic dialogues written by the Dutch philosopher François Hemsterhuis, and is one of his most important works. Although written in 1783 it did not appear in print until this edition of 1787, with a German...


  11. HERMANN, Friedrich Benedict Wilhelm von (1795-1868), German economist and statistician.

    Manuscript lecture notes entitled ‘National-Oeconomie...

    Munich, summer 1835 (dated 20 August 1835 at the end).

    An unpublished manuscript constituting an important source for the development of Hermann’s progressive economic theories between the two editions of his influential work Staatswirthschaftliche Untersuchungen (Investigations into political economy). First published in 1832, the Untersuchungen established...


  12. [HERVEY, John, Baron Hervey of Ickworth].

    Some Remarks on the Minute Philosopher. In a letter from a country clergyman to his friend...

    London, Roberts, 1732

    Second edition. Berkeley provided a philosophical defence of Christianity against the intellectual onslaughts of ‘free-thinkers’ in his Alciphron, or the Minute Philosopher (1732), a work which provoked this vigorous objection from John Hervey. Citing St Paul’s Epistle to the Colossians, Hervey...


  13. [HITLER, Adolf].

    Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

    London, Hutchinson & Co., 1939.

    First wholly unabridged and accurate English language edition. The first English edition of Mein Kampf had appeared in October 1933, and in 1938 Reynal & Hitchcock received the rights to publish a translation of the full work. The resulting production was replete with errors and mistranslations, and...


  14. HITLER, Adolf and Joseph GOEBBELS.

    Berlin, Liebheit & Thiesen, [1933].

    First edition of this collection of seven speeches by Hitler, delivered between the 21st March and the 6th July 1933, together with a proclamation by the government of the Reich to the German people on 1 February 1933, and a speech by President von Hindenburg at the opening of the Reichstag on the 21st...


  15. [HOLBERG, Ludvig, Baron].

    Nicolai Klimii Iter Subterraneum novam telluris theoriam...

    Copenhagen and Leipzig, Jacob Preuss, 1741.

    First edition of a classic utopian novel, the archetypal journey to the centre of the Earth.


  16. HUME, David.

    Essais philosophiques sur l’entendement humain … Avec les quatre Philosophes du même Auteur. Traduit de l’Anglois....

    Amsterdam, J. H. Schneider, 1758.

    First edition in French of a selection of Hume’s philosophical essays, translated by J.-B. Mérian and furnished with a preface by Jean Henri Samuel Formey, a correspondent of Voltaire and contributor to the Encyclopédie. The ‘Four philosophers’ are essays 6-9 of Essays moral and political, vol....


  17. [HUME, David],

    John Maynard KEYNES and Piero SRAFFA (editors). An abstract of A Treatise on Human Nature, 1740: a pamphlet hitherto...

    Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1938.

    First edition thus of the only publication Keynes and Sraffa signed together, a facsimile reprint of the extremely rare Abstract, with an introduction containing decisive proofs for its attribution to Hume rather than to Adam Smith, then the prevailing assumption. An essentially philological study, the...


  18. [ISELIN, Isaak]. [WANDALL, Peder Topp trans.]

    Philosophiske og Patriotiske Drømme af en Menneskeven. Oversatte af Peder Topp Wandall.

    Copenhagen, Frig. Stein, 1774.

    First Danish edition of Iselin’s earliest work, the very successful Filosofische und patriotische Träume. First published in 1755, a couple of years after his deeply affecting journey to France, having met among others Rousseau, Fontenelle and Buffon. His reformist version of utopia, a response to...


  19. JAMES, William (1842-1910), American philosopher and psychologist.

    Autograph letter signed (‘Wm James’) to Mrs Thaw.

    95 Irving St., Cambridge (Mass.), 19 December 1909.

    An interesting letter written to a Mrs Thaw regarding the expenses being claimed by Hereward Carrington, manager of the Italian spiritual medium Eusapia Palladino, during her tour of the United States in 1909.


  20. JEVONS, William Stanley.

    The principles of science: a treatise on logic and scientific method.

    London, Macmillan and Co., 1874.

    First edition of Jevons’ ‘most important contribution to scientific methodology’ (Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, pp. 260).