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  1. SHERBURNE, Sir Edward. 

    Salmacis, Lyrian & Sylvia, Forsaken Lydia, the Rape of Helen, a Comment thereon, with severall other Poems...

    London, W. Hunt, for Thomas Dring, 1651. 

    First edition of a charming book of Caroline poetry, original and translated, in a most sympathetic and well-preserved collector’s binding. This is the first issue; it was reissued in the same year under the title Poems and Translations, amorous, lusory, morall, divine, reflecting the divisional...


  2. LYDEKKER, Richard. 

    The Great and Small Game of India, Burma, & Tibet … with contributions by sportsmen. 

    London, Rowland Ward, 1900. 

    Number 48 of a limited edition of 250 copies.  ‘A sumptuous rendering of south Asia’s wild game species in art and text.  Lydekker describes more than seventy varieties of game with attendant notes on sport from the experiences of Demidoff, Darrah, Valentine, and others.  The hand-colored...


  3. STRICKLAND, Hugh Edwin, and A. 

    G. MELVILLE.  The Dodo and its Kindred; or, the History, Affinities and Osteology of the Dodo,...

    London: Reeve, Benham, and Reeve … 1848. 

    An extra-illustrated family copy of the first scientific monograph on the dodo, and a related flightless bird, the Rodrigues solitaire, with the bookplates of the author and his father.


  4. VIGERIUS, Marcus. 

    Decachordum Christianum, Iulio II Pont. Max. dicatum. 

    Fano, Girolamo [Gershon] Soncino, 10 August 1507. 

    First edition, a masterpiece of Italian renaissance printing and illustration and the finest product of the Soncino press at Fano.


  5. [HABINGTON, William.] 

    Castara … the second Edition.  Corrected and augmented. 

    London, Printed, B. A. & T. F. for Will: Cooke, 1635. 

    Second edition, adding to the contents of the first edition (1634) a commendatory poem that reveals Habington’s identity; a ‘second part’ with twenty-six new poems; and three prose characters: ‘A Mistris’ and ‘A Wife’ to introduce the two parts, and ‘A Friend’ to introduce the section...


  6. WALCOTT, John. 

    The Figures, Description, and History of exotic Animals, comprised under the Classes Amphibia and Pisces of Linnaeus. 

    London, W. Justins for the Author, and sold by White & son, Robson & Clarke, and J. Mathews, 1788.

    First and only edition, very rare, published in parts.  The engraved figures and their descriptions comprise a variety of turtles, snakes, frogs, and fish, including several notable species from America.  Though Walcott writes in his preface of the prospect of ‘a Second Part, which will contain...


  7. VISSCHER, Nicolaes [I]. 

    Avium vivae et artificiosissimae delineationes. 

    Amsterdam, Nicolaus [I] Visscher, 1659. 

    First and only edition of this rare set of ornithological prints by the famed cartographer Nicolaes Visscher I. 


  8. L’HÔPITAL, Guillaume François Antoine, marquis de. 

    Analyse des infiniment petits, pour l’intelligence des lignes...

    Paris, François Montalant, 1715. 

    Second edition (first 1696) of l’Hôpital’s famous Analyse, the first textbook on differential calculus, inspired by the work of Leibniz and the Bernoulli brothers, this copy profusely annotated by an anonymous but proficient eighteenth-century mathematician.


  9. MANLEY, Mrs. [Delarivier]. 

    The Power of Love: in seven Novels viz.  I. The fair Hypocrite.  II. The Physician’s Stratagem. ...

    London, Printed for John Barber … and John Morphew … 1720. 

    First edition, apparently a presentation copy, of Delarivier Manley’s last work of prose, a collection of seven amorous novellas partly derived from William Painter’s Palace of Pleasure (1566), ‘adding divers new Incidents’, and supplemented by several original compositions. Historically...


  10. [BIBLE.] 

    Της καινης διαθηκης απαντα.  Novum testamentum.  Ex bibliotheca regia …

    Paris, Robert Estienne, 1546. 

    The first Estienne Greek New Testament and the first book to be printed in Claude Garamond’s second and smallest font of ‘grecs du roi’.  The edition is based on a comparison of printed texts (for example the Complutensian Polyglot) and manuscripts collated by Robert Estienne’s son, Henri...


  11. CORTÁZAR, Julio.


    Buenos Aires, Editorial Sudamericana, [1951]

    First edition, with a signed presentation inscription ‘Para Norma y Jean Luc, con la amistad de Julio, 1955’, on the first (blank) page.


  12. DASSIER, Jean and Jacques-Antoine. 

    ‘An Explanation of Dassier’s Medals being a Representation of a Series of Events taken...

    London, c. 1795–1800. 

    An exceptionally fine illustrated manuscript, with drawings after the series of sixty medals of Roman history from Romulus to the Age of Augustus produced by Jean Dassier and his son in 1740-1743.  The drawings are executed with considerable finesse, adding detailed elements not clearly visible...


  13. BERNIER DE MALIGNY, Aristippe-Félix. 

    Art du comédien.  Principes généraux.  Recueillis et mis en ordre par Aristippe, 1819. 

    Paris, Louis Raymond, [1819]. 

    Very rare broadside encapsulating the ‘art of the actor’, by the thespian and theoretician Aristippe-Félix Bernier de Maligny, who would later develop his ideas further in his 1826 book Théorie de l’art du comédien. 


  14. [CHYDENIUS, Anders].

    Källan til Rikets Wan-Magt.

    Stockholm, Lars Salvius, 1765.

    First edition of ‘an all-out attack on the Swedish Navigation Act, known as the Produkt-plakatet. It prohibited foreign vessels from carrying other products to Sweden than those of their own country, and, as the original act of 1724 was extended in scope in 1726, they were also prohibited from engaging...


  15. BRULL, Mariano.

    Canto Redondo.

    Paris, Ediciones GLM, 1934.

    First edition of Brull’s third book of poems, no. 8 of 12 copies on Normandy Vellum, from an edition of 212, inscribed one the front endpaper to the French poet and translator Mathilde Pomès, ‘amiga cordialisima, con el afecto y la admiración sincera de Mariano Brull / Paris, 1934’.


  16. BROWNE, Thomas; Paul NASH, illustrator. 

    Urne Buriall and the Garden of Cyrus … with Thirty Drawings by Paul Nash. ...

    London, [Curwen Press, for] Cassell & Co., 1932. 

    First edition, No. 177 of 215 copies on paper handmade by J. Barcham Green, the most celebrated of Nash’s illustrated books, the drawings beautifully reproduced using the pochoir technique by the Curwen Press. 


  17. BERGAMÍN, José.

    Mangas y capirotes. (España en su laberinto teatral del XVII).

    [Madrid], Editorial Plutarco, 1933.

    First edition, a collection of essays on seventeenth-century Spain, centred on Lope de Vega.


  18. [DEZALLIER D’ARGENVILLE, Antoine Joseph.]

    Conchyliologie nouvelle et portative, ou collection de coquilles propres à orner les...

    Paris, ‘chez Regnard, Imprimeur de l’Académie Françoise’, 1767.

    First edition, uncommon, of this pocket guide to the then relatively new craze for collecting shells.


  19. [CHAPBOOK.]

    Narrow Escape from the Punishment of Death, or, The Case of John Taylor and John Burton, who were left for Execution...

    Collins … and Evans and Sons … [c. 1820–1826].

    An uncommon early chapbook from the press of Augustus Applegath (1788–1871), interpreting the real-life stay of execution for two sheep-stealers as an act of divine providence.


  20. FERRER, Ventura Pascual.

    Historia de los Dictadores de la republica Romana …

    Cartagena de Indias, Government Press for Gonzalez Pujòl, 1814.

    First edition, very rare, of this Colombia-printed history of the Roman dictators by the Cuban lawyer and writer Ferrer y Feruz (1772–1851), written in Colombia during the civil strife of early independence.