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  1. WADDINGTON, George and Barnard HANBURY.

    Journal of a visit to some parts of Ethiopia … With maps and other engravings.

    London, John Murray, 1822.

    First edition, with interesting provenance, a ‘polished and amusing account’ (Moorehead) detailing George Waddington’s travels from Wady Halfa to Merowe in northern Ethiopia in the company of the troops of Muhammad Ali Pasha.


  2. CARO, Annibale.

    Rime del commendatore Annibal Caro. Col privilegio di N.S. PP. Pio V. et dell’illustrissima signoria di Venetia.

    Venice, Aldus Manutius the Younger, 1569.

    First edition of the poetry of Annibale Caro, offering a scathing yet humorous critique of his greatest poetic rival, Ludovico Castelvetro.


  3. OZANAM, Jacques.

    Cursus mathematicus, or, a compleat course of the mathematicks, in five volumes … the whole illustrated with...

    London, Tho. Worrall, 1712.

    A beautiful set of the first and only English edition of Ozanam’s Cours de mathematique (Paris, 1693), from the library of a contemporary Fellow of the Royal Society and of the Society of Antiquaries.


  4. PETTY, Sir William.

    Another essay in political arithmetick, concerning the growth of the City of London: with the measures, periods,...

    London, printed by H.H. for Mark Pardoe, 1683.

    First edition, exceptionally scarce – indeed unique in its uncut and unbound state – of Petty’s first work of political arithmetic, a landmark work of statistics, demography, and economics. Only four copies have been sold at auction since the 1940s.


  5. BECQUE, Henry.

    Les Corbeaux, pièce en quatre actes.

    Paris, Tresse, [1882].

    First and second editions of Becque’s innovative realist drama, inscribed by the author on the first half-title to ‘mon cher [Jules-Charles] Truffier’, with authorial marks and annotations on thirty-three pages in the second edition showing changes made for performance.


  6. PARKES, Fanny.

    Wanderings of a pilgrim, in search of the picturesque, during four-and-twenty years in the east; with revelations...

    London, Pelham Richardson, 1850.

    First edition, with many handsome tinted and coloured illustrations, of the lively journals of Fanny Parkes (1794–1875) documenting her time in India from 1822 to 1845, with an interval in England and Cape Town.


  7. WAPPEROM, Jacobus Joannes. 

    Gezangen door J.J. Wapperom. 

    The Hague, 1805. 

    Very rare collection of songs by the Dutch notary and poet Wapperom (1763–1822), one of only a small number of copies produced, decorated by the author himself and distributed among his friends and family. 


  8. STOBAEUS, Johannes.

    Εκλογαι αποϕθεγματων και υποθηκων … Sententie ex thesauris Graecorum delectae …...

    Basel, Johann Oporinus for Christoph Froschauer, August 1549.

    Second, ‘in every respect preferable’ (Dibdin) edition of Gesner’s Stobaeus, acclaimed as ‘the first critical impression of the text of the Florilegium’ (ibid.), philologically and critically much superior to the first, published in 1543. Gesner’s parallel printing of the Greek...


  9. [WESLEY, John (editor).]

    Excerpta ex Ovidio, Virgilio, Horatio, Juvenali, Persio, et Martiali: in usum juventutis Christianae....

    Bristol, typis F. Farley, 1749.

    First edition of one of the textbooks that Wesley compiled for the school that he founded at Kingswood, Bristol, in 1748. Finding contemporary textbooks inadequate, he published an astonishing number of works for his pupils – grammars, editions of classics, and other introductions to learning....


  10. VERHEYEN, Pierre Emmanuel.

    Requiem mass in C minor.

    [Flanders, c. 1810.]

    A very grand unpublished Requiem mass by the Flemish composer and singer Pierre Emmanuel Verheyen (1750–1819).


  11. [MULLIS, William].

    A brief Account of the Blue Coat Hospital, and Public Library, in the College, Manchester, founded by Humphrey...

    Manchester: Printed by Leech … 1826.

    Sole edition, privately printed and very rare. William Mullis was the deputy librarian of Chetham’s Library, the oldest free public reference library in the English-speaking world. It was founded in 1653, along with the Blue Coat School (two years earlier), by bequests from the merchant and banker...


  12. BEARCROFT, Philip.

    An historical Account of Thomas Sutton Esq; and of his Foundation in Charter-House …

    London: Printed by E. Owen, and sold by F. Gyles … W. Hinchliffe … J. and P. Knapton … J. Stagg … and S. Birt … 1737.

    First edition. Thomas Sutton (1532-1611) was an Elizabethan civil servant who made an enormous fortune from leases of land rich in coal in Durham. In 1611 he bought Howard House for £13,000 from the Earl of Suffolk; the building acquired its more familiar name, ‘Charterhouse’, after the order of...


  13. KINNAIRD, Douglas.

    The Merchant of Bruges; or, Beggar’s Bush. With considerable Alterations and Additions. Now performing, with...

    London: Printed for Whittingham and Arliss ... 1815

    First edition of the only literary work by the intimate friend and banker of Lord Byron, who dedicated Hebrew Melodies to him in 1815. The play was produced at Drury Lane where both served on the Committee, dedicated to Lady Caroline Lamb’s brother-in-law (who contributed three songs), and has...


  14. [SHIDYĀQ, Ahmad Fāris, attributed author].

    Kitāb al-muhāwarah al-unsīyah fī al-lughatayn al-Inklīzīyah wa-al-ʿArabīyah...

    [Malta, 1840.]

    First edition, an English grammar and vocabulary designed for Arabic students, attributed to the Lebanese-born Shidyāq, who lived between Cairo and Malta in the 1820s-40s, and is best known for his well-regarded Arabic translation of the Bible (1857), and for his less well-regarded opinion that Shakespeare...


  15. ZAMENHOF, Ludwik Lejzer.

    Postcard, signed, to the philosopher Émile Boirac.

    Warsaw, 13 December 1902.

    A postcard in Esperanto from the creator of the language L. L. Zamenhof (1859–1917) to the philosopher and president of the university of Dijon Émile Boirac (1851–1917), also a promoter of Esperanto. Zamenhof here writes to thank Boirac for his recently published translation of Leibniz’s...


  16. SWINBURNE, Algernon Charles.

    Ode on the Proclamation of the French Republic, September 4th, 1870 ...

    London: F. S. Ellis ... 1870.

    First edition. On 4 Septemeber 1879, two days after the final capitulation of the French army at Sedan and the surrender of Napoleon III to the King of Prussia, the republican deputies at Paris proclaimed the end of the imperial dynasty and the foundation of the provisional government that was to become...


  17. [DE LA COSTE.]

    Voyage philosophique d’Angleterre fait en 1783 et 1784.

    A Londres. Et se trouve à Paris, chez Poinçoit … 1787.

    First edition, second issue, with cancel title-pages redated 1787 (first 1786) – an interesting and detailed sociological discussion of England and in the English on the eve of the French Revolution, in the form of discursive letters. The author deals with London’s institutions and buildings, taverns...


  18. TENNYSON, Alfred, Lord.

    A Welcome …

    London: Edward Moxon & Co. … 1863.

    Second edition, distinguished from the first by the hollow diamond at the centre of the French rule beneath the title.


  19. [RICHARDSON, Jonathan].

    The general Address (in two Parts) of the Outinian Lecturer to his Auditors …. London: Printed by W....

    London: Printed by W. Nicol, late Bulmer & Co. … 1822

    First edition, very rare. The Address is a revised version of the valedictory lecture given on 31 December 1818 to mark the centenary of the death of William Penn. It gives an explanation of the origins of the Society and then is entirely directed to the career and particularly the principles of William...


  20. [FORD, James, editor].

    The Suffolk Garland: or, a Collection of Poems, Songs, Tales, Ballads, Sonnets, and Elegies, legendary and...

    Ipswich: Printed and Sold by John Raw; Sold also by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown; and Rodd and Son, London. 1818

    First edition of a miscellany of verse, much of it ephemeral, selected by the antiquary James Ford (1770-1850), perpetual curate of St. Laurence, Ipswich. In the preface Ford provides an outline of the history of ballads, drolleries, and penny literature and of how they have been collected by Pepys and...