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    Venice, Nicolao di Aristotile detto Zoppino, March 1525. 

    An attractive illustrated edition of twenty-seven of Plutarch’s lives, extensively annotated by a Papal tax-collector, in a striking contemporary binding.



    Ἱπποκράτους  Κώου ιατρού παλαιοτάτου, πάντων ἄλλων κορυφαίου,...

    Basel, Hieronymus Froben and Nicolaus Episcopius, 1538. 

    A heavily annotated copy of the second Greek edition of Hippocrates’s Works, a much more accurate text than the first, Aldine, edition of 1526.  Janus Cornarius (1500–1558) undertook this edition of Hippocrates at the suggestion of Erasmus.  He claimed to have corrected or re-established...


  3. LISTER, Joseph.

    Three autograph letters, signed, to Sir John Evans.

    London, 12 Park Crescent, Portland Place, 19 April 1896 and 18 February 1898, and Bath, York House Hotel, 20 November 1898.

    Three letters by the great surgeon Joseph Lister to the archaeologist and geologist Sir John Evans (1823–1908), who was treasurer of the Royal Society during Lister’s presidency.



    Commentaria in Aphorismos Hippocratis … Ioannis Guinterij Andernaciis medici industria velut e profundissimis tenebris...

    Paris, Simon de Colines, 1533. 

    First edition of this commentary on Hippocrates, bound with a richly annotated copy of Galen’s works in the translation by Thomas Linacre. 


  5. SARAINA, Torello. 

    Torelli Saraynae Veronensis leg. doct. de origine et amplitudine civitatis Veronae.  Eiusdem de viris illustribus...

    Verona, Antonio Putelleto, 1540. 

    First edition of this description of the antiquities of Verona, handsomely illustrated with woodcuts designed by the Veronese painter Giovanni Caroto, including the large folding view of the Roman theatre which is often missing, owned and annotated by Giulio Cesare Ballino, friend and sometime collaborator...


  6. LIEBIG, Justus von.

    Autograph letter, signed, to an unnamed English nobleman.

    Munich, 10 December 1857.

    A fine letter from Justus von Liebig to an unnamed English nobleman.


  7. SCRIBE, Augustin-Eugène.

    Autograph letter, signed, to an unnamed recipient.

    Paris, 21 January, [1840, 1845, or 1851].

    The dramatist Augustin-Eugène Scribe (1791–1861) thanks the unnamed recipient for his invitation but politely regrets that he is unable to attend. He explains that he had fully intended to come and had already arranged with ‘Monsieur Pichot’ to go together with him. However, Scribe’s wife had...


  8. EHRLICH, Paul.

    Autograph letter, signed, addressed to ‘herr hospitalmeister’.

    [Frankfurt,] ‘Westendstrasse 62’, [no date].

    A brief note by the bacteriologist Paul Ehrlich (1854–1915), pioneer of haematology and discoverer of salvarsan, to a local hospital director, regarding notes on the bulletin board.


  9. BONET, Nicolas.

    Habes Nicholai Bonetti viri p[er]spicacissimi quattuor volumina: Metaphysicam videl[icet] naturale[m] phylosophia[m]...

    Venice, Boneto Locatello for the heirs of Ottaviano Scoto, 1505.

    First collected edition of the works of the French Franciscan Friar Nicolas Bonet (c. 1280–1343), owned and annotated by the Italian historian, biographer, and physician Paolo Giovio (1486–1552).


  10. PIUS II (Nicolaus von WYLE, editor). 

    Epistolae familiares. 

    Nuremberg, Anton Koberger, 17 July 1486. 

    Second Koberger edition of the Epistolae familiares of Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini (1405–1464), the great Renaissance humanist who became Pope Pius II in 1458, a handsome copy enhanced with manuscript additions comprising epistolary models, a German-Latin wordlist, and medical recipes. 


  11. [RICHMOND.]

    The Belvidere: a Poem. Inscrib’d to Joseph Grove, Esq. of Richmond, in the County of Surrey …

    London: Printed in the Year 1749.

    First edition, rare (British Library and Yale only) of a very attractive description in verse of a country estate in Richmond. The first pages offer a prospect of the garden with its flowers and shrubs, shaded walks and arbours, a bower with the escutcheon over the door of the late Sir William...


  12. BENNETT, Terry.

    History of Photography in China.

    London, Quaritch, 2009-2013.

    First editions of the three-volume set of Bennett’s comprehensive History of Photography in China, together providing a study and survey of the development of Chinese photography from 1842 to 1879 both by Chinese and by Western photographers. The work examines photographs and photographers...


  13. GUILLIÉ, Sebastien.

    Essai sur l’instruction des aveugles, ou exposé analytique des procédés employés pour les instruire …

    Paris, ‘imprimé par les aveugles’, 1817.

    First edition. ‘Guillié [1780–1865] established the first ophthalmological clinic in France and became director of the Institution Royale des Jeunes Aveugles in Paris. The Institution, founded by Haüy in 1785, was the first such school for the blind in the world. The author chronicles the...


  14. AELIANUS, Claudius, Conrad GESSNER (translator), and Pierre GILLES (editor).

    Περι ζωων ιδιοτητος...

    Cologny, Philippe Albert, 1616.

    Uncommon Geneva edition of Aelianus’s De animalium natura, the Greek printed in parallel with Gessner’s Latin translation. A third-century work on natural history, Aelianus’s text offers accounts and anecdotes of animals, ‘an appealing collection of facts and fables about the animal...


  15. RÜCKERT, Friedrich.

    Die Weisheit des Brahmanen, ein Lehrgedicht in Bruchstücken. Erstes [– Sechstes] Bändchen.

    Leipzig, Weidmann’sche Buchhandlung, 1836-39.

    First edition of one of the most important poetical works by Rückert, here in the publisher’s attractive original paper wrappers. Rückert’s large output of poetry inspired many composers, among them Schubert (‘Du bist die Ruh’), Schumann (‘Widmung’), and Mahler (‘Kindertotenlieder’...


  16. NICOLAI, [Christoph] Friedrich. 

    The Life and Opinions of Sebaldus Nothanker.  Translated from the German … by Thomas Dutton,...

    London: Printed by C. Lowndes, and sold by H. D. Symonds, 1798. 

    First edition in English, very scarce, of Nicolai’s Das Leben und die Meinungen des Herrn Magister Sebaldus Nothanker (1773–6), ‘probably the literary bestseller of the German Enlightenment’ (Selwyn), translated into many languages and much re-printed.  It is sometimes...


  17. KEATE, George. 

    An Account of the Pelew Islands, situated in the western part of the Pacific Ocean: composed from the journals...

    Dublin, Luke White, 1788. 

    First Dublin edition of this popular work, first published in London earlier the same year, by the virtuoso George Keate, member of the Royal Society and Society of Antiquities (1729−1797). 


  18. COSTER, François. 

    Piarum et Christ. institutionum libri tres, in usum sodalitatis B. Mariae Virginis primum conscripti, nunc...

    Douai, Jean Bogard, 1582. 

    Very rare Douai edition of this devotional work by the Belgian Jesuit François Coster (1532–1619), first published at Cologne in 1578, illustrated with woodcuts of the Crucifixion and Our Lady of Sorrows. 


  19. [ALMANACK.] 

    Lunario per l’anno 1855.  Dell’insigne astronomo filos. e mat. Settimo Cajo Baccelli il vero rampollo dell’estinto...

    Florence, brothers Formigli, 1854. 

    A curious and very rare almanack for 1855, containing, inter alia, a bitter dispute between a pumpkin and a turnip, a condemnation of avarice, and global population statistics. 


  20. [JAMIESON, John.] 

    Congal and Fenella; A Tale in Two Parts. 

    London, C. Dilly, 1791. 

    First and only edition of Jamieson’s Scottish epic, bound with an early edition of Gray’s Poems