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  1. [WITTENBERG, University of]. 

    Tomus primus disputationum theologicarum, in academia Wittebergensi ab anno 1600 usq[ue] ad 1606...

    Wittenberg, Kaspar Heyden, 1625.

    A collection of twenty-eight disputations held at the University of Wittenberg by Lutheran theologians and their students between 1600 and 1611.  The disputations cover much ground, including the Eucharist, Church councils, canonical scripture, predestination, original sin, Christ’s ascension,...


  2. WILBERFORCE, William. 

    A Practical View of the prevailing religious System of professed Christians …  the seventeenth edition. 

    London: Printed for T. Cadell … 1829. 

    A presentation copy, inscribed on the front endpaper: ‘To my Old College Friend Robt Holford Esqr this Book is presented as a slight pledge of the Cordial Regard of his Brother Johnian WWilberforce / Brighston 1st Oct 1830 Isle of Wight’. 


  3. VISSCHER, Nicolaes [I].

    Avium vivae et artificiosissimae delineationes.

    Amsterdam, Nicolaus [I] Visscher, 1659.

    First and only edition of this rare set of ornithological prints by the famed cartographer Nicolaes Visscher I.


  4. FRESCOBALDI, Girolamo.

    Toccate d’intavolatura di cimbalo et organo partite di diverse arie e corrente, balletti, ciaccone, passachagli...

    Rome, Nicolò Borbone, 1637.

    Fifth edition of Frescobaldi’s superbly engraved first book of toccatas, with the substantial aggiunta containing the last keyboard works published during the composer’s lifetime.



    A single folio leaf (389 x 281 mm.), containing Luke XVII:23–XIX:13 (leaf 230 of volume 2), double column, 42...

    [Mainz: Printed by Johann Gutenberg & Johann Fust, c. 1450-1455, not after August 1456.]

    A fine single paper leaf from the first substantial book printed with movable type in the western world, now known simply as the Gutenberg Bible or the 42-line Bible.


  6. GRECO, Gioachino (William LEWIS, translator).

    A treatise on the game of chess, by Gioachino Greco; translated from the French....

    Simpkin and R. Marshall, 1833.

    Second edition of William Lewis’s translation of Greco; first published in 1819. William Lewis (1787–1870) learned chess under Jacob Henry Sarratt and went on to run a well-known chess school at 5 Nassau Street, Soho. ‘He took part in the correspondence chess match between Edinburgh chess...


  7. PHILIDOR, François-André Danican. 

    Chess analysed: or instructions by which a perfect knowledge of this noble game may in a...

    London, J. Nourse and P. Vaillant, 1750. 

    Rare first edition in English of the most important theoretical work on chess of the eighteenth century.  Philidor, by far the best player of his era, spent much of his time in England after 1747, hence the London publication of the first edition of his Analyze des echecs in 1749. 


  8. GRECO, Gioacchino. 

    Le jeu des eschets, traduit de l’Italien de Gioachino Greco, Calabrois. 

    Paris, Jacques Le Febvre, 1689. 

    Second edition of this French translation; first published in 1669.  The Calabrian master Gioacchino Greco (c. 1600–c. 1634) has been described as ‘the last great player of the “heroic age” … [who] dominated the chess of the period down to the mid-eighteenth century through the posthumous...


  9. SARRATT, Jacob Henry. 

    The works of Damiano, Ruy-Lopez and Salvio, on the game of chess; translated and arranged: with remarks,...

    London, T. Boosey, 1813. 

    First edition.  ‘It was not the least of [Sarratt’s] services to English chess that he introduced his generation to the work of the older masters, Damiano, Lopez, and Salvio, in a series of translations.  That, as we now know to be the case, these translations were careless, inaccurate,...


  10. PHILIDOR, François-André Danican (William Stopford KENNY, translator). 

    Analysis of the game of chess … illustrated...

    & J. Allman, 1819. 

    First edition of William Kenny’s translation of L’analyse du jeu des ÉchecsFor many years Kenny (1787/8–1867) ‘kept a classical school at 5 Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy Square, London, later moving to Richmond, Surrey.  In 1856 Kenny stated that he had been a teacher for forty...


  11. STANHUF, Michael. 

    De meteoris libri duo, quorum prior tradit de aethere et elementis.  Posterior complectitur omnium fere meteororum...

    Wittenberg, [Johann Krafft for Samuel Selfisch], 1578.

    An attractive sammelband of two scarce astronomical works, in an appealing contemporary binding and with some interesting annotations, opening with the second edition (first 1562) of the chief work of Michael Stanhuf (d. 1608), a student of Melanchthon at Wittenberg. 


  12. GALILEI, Galileo. 

    Dialogo … sopra i due massimi sistemi del mondo Tolemaico, e Copernicano. 

    Florence, G.B. Landini, 1632. 

    First edition of one of the most famous works in the history of scientific thought, Galileo’s defence of Copernican heliocentrism, which led to his trial and imprisonment for heresy. 


  13. DAMIANO, da Odemira.

    Libro da imparare giocare a scachi, et de bellissimi partiti, revisti [et] recoretti, [et] con summa diligentia...

    [Rome(?), after 1524.]

    Extremely rare early edition of the first book to deal with the complete game and the first to give directions for playing without seeing the board.


  14. MARLIANI, Bartolomeo.

    Urbis Romae topographia.

    Rome, Valerio & Luigi Dorico, September 1544.

    First illustrated edition (third overall), showing the archaeology and antiquities of Rome as known in the sixteenth century. First published in octavo by Antonio Blado in 1534 and reprinted at Lyons by Sébastien Gryphe later the same year, Marliani’s topography of Rome remained the foremost...


  15. CHRYSOSTOM, John. 

    [Opera: Homeliae.]  Que in secundo Ioannis Chrisostomi volumine continentur: Super Mattheum homelie 89 …...

    Venice, Stagnino & de Gregoriis, 1503. 

    First edition of Chrysostom’s Opera omnia, the second volume (of two), annotated throughout by two critical readers. 


  16. [COVENTRY, Francis].

    La Vie et les aventures du petit Pompée. Histoire critique traduite de l’anglois par M. Toussaint …

    A Londres [i.e. Paris?]. 1752.

    First edition? in French of Coventry’s most famous work, The History of Pompey the Little, or, The Life and Adventures of a Lap-Dog (1751), a lively satire of fashionable London life, told through the eyes of a favoured pet.


  17. SHAKESPEARE, William.

    Shakespeare’s Sonnette übersetzt von Karl Lachmann.

    Berlin, 1820. Gedruckt und verlegt bei G. Reimer.

    First complete edition in German of Shakespeare’s sonnets, this copy retailed in contemporary Bath. The translation is by the philologist and teacher Karl Lachmann, who went on to translate Macbeth in 1829 and is now best known for his landmark edition of Lucretius (1850).


  18. LEWIS, Wyndham.

    The Demon of Progress in the Arts.

    London, Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1954.

    First edition, inscribed ‘To Geoffrey / my best copy / Wyndham’. Lewis breaks here with abstraction in the arts, naming Michael Ayrton, Francis Bacon, Henry Moore, Ceri Richards and others as ‘the finest group of painters and sculptors which England has ever known’. Ayrton collaborated...


  19. MYERS, Robin, Michael HARRIS, and Giles MANDELBROTE (eds).

    Lives in Book History: Changing Contours of Research over...

    Leicester, Garendon Press, 2022.

    ‘This volume has grown out of one event in a long series of annual conferences on book-trade history – held to mark the fortieth conference in 2018. For this we had asked nine well-known book historians to give a retrospective review of their field, be it manuscripts, incunabula, book binding, and...


  20. ANDREWS, Mark E.

    The Science and Engineering of Water: An illustrated catalogue of books and manuscripts on Italian hydraulics,...

    Toronto, A.E. Publications, 2022.

    A lavishly illustrated catalogue, tracing the development of science and engineering through the early modern period. Some 367 printed books, manuscripts, and maps are presented in chronological order, highlighting the relationship between the evolution of ideas and the authors who documented...