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  1. HOWITT, William.

    The rural and domestic life of Germany: with characteristic sketches of its cities and scenery, collected in a...

    London, Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1842

    A fine copy of the first edition of Howitt’s account of his travels in Germany and Austria, and one of the best books in English about German life at the time. Howitt had moved with his family to Heidelberg in 1840 and stayed in Germany for more than two years on account of the education of his older...


  2. PONCELET, Jean-Victoire.

    Traité des propriétés projectives des figures, ouvrage utile à ceux qui s’occupent des applications...

    Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 1865-1866.

    Second, revised and enlarged edition, Émile Borel’s prize copy. A finely-bound, well-preserved and prestigious association set.
    Borel (1871-1956), the French mathematician best known for his work in measure theory and probability theory, was awarded several honours in the early twentieth century,...


  3. [GOUDAR Ange and Giacomo CASANOVA].

    L’Espion Chinois, ou l’envoyé secret de la cour de Pékin, pour examiner l’état présent...

    ‘Cologne’ [Paris?], [n.p.], 1774.

    Definitive edition, a fresh and attractive set, of the most sensational and wide-spread of Goudar’s works: his exuberant epistolary satire of the French and European Ancien Régime, sometimes attributed to Voltaire, a rich mine of anecdotes and acutely observed information on the religion, personalities,...


  4. FLÓREZ ESTRADA, Alvaro.

    Cours Éclectique d'Économie Politique...

    Paris, Treuttel et Wurtz, 1833.

    First French translation of a work work which has been described as "the first systematic treatise on economics written by a Spaniard" (Germán Bernácer in ESS). It was first published in Spanish in 1828


  5. GUASP Y PUJOL, Manuel.

    Apuntes de Economia Política. Cursos de 1866 a 1867 – 1867 a 1868. University of Barcelona.

    [Barcelona], 1868.

    Unique witness to the lectures of political economy taught by Manuel Guasp y Pujol at Barcelona in the mid 1860s: a ponderous manuscript, endowed with the depth of numerous corrections and additions, amounting to an unpublished full-blown treatise on political economy, with topics such as labour, capital,...


  6. RONDINELLI, Francesco.

    Relazione del contagio stato in Firenze l’anno 1630 e 1633 con un breve ragguaglio della miracolosa immagine...

    Florence, Gio. Batista Landini, 1634.

    First edition of this official account of the Florentine plague of 1630 and 1633, commissioned by Ferdinando II de’ Medici, grand duke of Tuscany, and composed by his librarian Rondinelli from official records and interviews with survivors. Plague had been brought to Italy in 1629 by troops fighting...


  7. GISBERT, Mateo.

    Diccionario Español – Bagobo compuesto por el P. Mateo Gisbert de la Compañia de Jesús.

    Manila, J. Marty, 1892.

    First edition of this Spanish – Bagobo language dictionary, including a brief grammar, by the Jesuit missionary Mateo Gisbert, published just six years before Spanish rule in the Philippines was ended by the 1898 Treaty of Paris. Bagobo is a language of the southern Philippines spoken in the Davao...


  8. ADDAMS, Jane.

    [Two autograph letters.] Twenty years at Hull House with autobiographical notes.

    New York, Macmillan, 1910.

    First edition, second printing (issued in the same month and year as the first). William Scarlett was Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri, and one of the founders of the Grace Hill Settlement House in St. Louis, based on Addams’s model for Hull House. The letters, addressed to Scarlett in New...


  9. FREEMAN, Arthur.

    Catullus Carmen 17.6 and Other Mysteries. A Study in Editorial Conflict, Eccentricity, Forgery, and Restitution....

    London, The Author, 2020.

    This partly historical, partly philological essay offers a general account of the early preservation, post-medieval recovery, and Renaissance evolution of the text of Catullus, with specific reference to one speculative reading in Carmen 17 (‘De Colonia’), and certain humanist twists and forgeries...


  10. FARIS, Robert E. L. and H. Warren DUNHAM

    Mental disorders in urban areas.

    Chicago, University Press, 1939.

    First edition of this study of schizophrenia and alcohol and drug addiction in Chicago, using maps and statistical analysis.

    A very nice association copy belonging to the American sociologist Everett V. Stonequist, who studied at Chicago where he was mentored by Robert E. Park. Stonequist wrote...


  11. HEMSTERHUIS, François.

    Alexis ou De l’age d’or.

    Riga, Hartknoch, 1787.

    First edition, rare, of an influential work of pre-Romantic aesthetics. Alexis is one of four Platonic dialogues written by the Dutch philosopher François Hemsterhuis, and is one of his most important works. Although written in 1783 it did not appear in print until this edition of 1787, with a German...


  12. MONTESQUIEU, Charles de Secondat.

    Histoire véritable publiée d’après un nouveau manuscrit avec une introduction et des notes...

    Bordeaux, G. Gounouilhou, 1902.

    Second edition of Montesquieu’s philosophical, quasi-oriental tale, a prelude to his great work L’Esprit des lois. Written in the 1730s and again in 1754, and influenced by Lucian and the 18th-century vogue for oriental fiction, the Histoire véritable remained unpublished until 1892. This 1902 second...


  13. [HOLBACH, Paul Thiry, Baron d’].

    Système sociale. ou principes naturels de la morale et de la politique. Avec un examen de l’influence...

    ‘Londres’ [recte Amsterdam, Marc Michel Rey], 1773.

    Complete with all three parts, dealing with ‘Natural principles of morals’, ‘Natural principles of politics’ and ‘Influence of government on customs’, this edition was published anonymously and with a false imprint in the same year as the first. Holbach’s system of ‘natural politics’,...


  14. [DARIGRAND, Edmé-François].

    L’Anti-financier, ou relevé de quelques-unes des malversations dont se rendent journellement coupables...

    Amsterdam [i.e. Paris, Lambert], 1763.

    First edition, second issue, including the Réponse at the end which is absent in the first issue. Darigrand’s work is a violent invective against the tax farming system which caused such distress in pre-revolutionary France and was a contributory factor leading to the revolution. The author pleads...


  15. COQUEREL, Nicolas de.

    Discours de la perte que les François reçoiuent en la permission d’exposer les monnoyes estrangeres....

    Paris, François Iacquin, 1608.

    First edition, scarce, of this work on monetary policy and coinage by Nicolas de Coquerel, general de monnaies at the court of Henri IV. Coquerel begins his work with a history of human society, in order to show the centrality of money and monetary policy to the State. Arthur E. Monroe describes his...


  16. DEGUERLE, Jean Nicolas Marie.

    Les amours.

    Paris, Maison and Pigoreau, An V [1797-8].

    An apparently unrecorded collection of verses inspired by the Augustan poets by the French poet, translator, and educator Jean Nicolas Marie Deguerle (1766 – 1824).


  17. [CHABANS, Louis, Comte de].

    Raisons pour montrer que l’edit nouvellement faict sur les monnoyes est juste, et qu’il est au...

    Paris, Nicolas Roffet’s widow, 1609.

    Rare first edition, Chaban’s analysis of the monetary reform designed by the French Crown to counter a persistent monetary crisis and its effects, exacerbated in the extreme by decades of religious wars: mounting inflation, deterioration of the coinage, overvaluation of foreign currencies, stagnant...


  18. POULLAIN, Henri.

    Traictés des monnoyes, pour un Conseiller d’Estat.

    Paris, [n.p.], 1621.

    Rare first edition of this monetary tract, a collection of reports on money presented by Poullain, advisor at the Cour des Comptes, to Sully. A new edition with different content was published in 1709.



    B. Morvan de. Reflexions sur ce qui peut plaire ou deplaire dans le commerce du monde ... Seconde édition, revue...

    Amsterdam, Héritiers d’Antoine Schelte, 1699.

    Second, corrected edition of this philosophical and moral treatise. Two printings of this second edition appeared in 1699, one in Paris and this one in Amsterdam.


  20. GRANDI, Guido.

    Instituzioni delle sezioni coniche … con l’aggiunta in fine d’altre dimostrazioni.

    Venice, Gio. Battista Recurti, 1746.

    Uncommon third edition with numerous marginal annotations to the first part, of Guido Grandi’s important study of conic sections, first published in 1722.