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  1. [POSTCARDS.] ‘PSH’.

    Twenty-nine manuscript postcards.

    London, 1912–c. 1920?.

    A rare, personal, and comic snapshot into London life and English humour in the first quarter of the twentieth-century.


  2. [RIEZ, diocese of.]

    Officia propria sanctorum ecclesiae Regiensis a … Ludovico Donio d’Attichi, episcopo Regiensi, ac domino,...

    Aix-en-Provence, Charles David, 1675. [bound with:] Hymni in honorem Bti. Maximi Regensis episcopi. Die XXVII. novembris. In I. & II. vesperis...

    Very rare edition of the sanctorale for the diocese of Riez in southeastern France, bound with an unrecorded printing of hymns to St Maximus, the first bishop of Riez, and with thirty-two pages of related manuscript notes.


  3. VIRGIL Maro, Publius, and Giovanni Andrea dell’ANGUILLARA (trans.). 

    Il primo libro della Eneida di Vergilio,...

    Padua, Gratioso Perchacino, 1564. 

    First edition of the first book of Anguillara’s verse translation of the Aeneid, a copy printed on strong paper and inscribed by the author.  The humanist, poet, and successful translator of Ovid Giovanni Andrea dell’Anguillara (1517–1572) undertook to translate into Italian ottava...


  4. GARCÍA LORCA, Federico.

    Mariana Pineda. Romance popular en tres estampas.

    Madrid, La Farsa, 1928.

    First edition of Lorca’s first published play, Mariana Pineda, ‘about the Granadine heroine Mariana Pineda, who had been executed in 1831 at the age of twenty-seven by the repressive regime of Ferdinand VII, on the charge of having embroidered a flag for the town's liberal conspirators....


  5. GARCÍA LORCA, Federico.

    Bodas de sangre. Tragedia en 3 actos y 7 cuadros… Estrenada en Buenos Aires por la eminente actriz Lola...

    Buenos Aires, Teatro del Pueblo, November 1936.

    An early edition of Lorca’s Blood Wedding, published, shortly after the poet’s death, in Buenos Aires, where the play had enormous success with Lola Membrives playing the role of the mother.


  6. GARCIA LORCA, Federico.

    Cinq romances gitanes, texte espagnol et traduction par Guy Lévis-Mano.

    [Paris], GLM, [1939].

    First edition, one of 475 numbered copies, of translations into French by Guy Lévis-Mano of five poems from the Romancero gitano: ‘Saint Gabriel’, ‘La casada infiel’, ‘Romance sonámbulo’, ‘Romance de la Guardia Civil española’ and ‘Romance de la luna, luna’.


  7. GARCÍA LORCA, Federico.

    Poema del cante jondo.

    Santiago de Chile, Editorial Veloz, [1937].

    Third edition, published in Santiago de Chile, with an introduction by Pablo Neruda.


  8. ALBERTI, Rafael.

    13 Bandas y 48 estrellas. Poema del Mar Caribe.

    Madrid, Manuel Altolaguirre, 1936.

    First edition. ‘The thirteen poems collected in 13 bandas y 48 estrellas, first published in 1936 and later recollected in part 3 of De un momento a otro, are songs of protest against, and critical evaluations of, the role of “el imperialismo yanki”, “la diplomacia del horror”, and “la...


  9. FOIX, Josep Vicenç.

    Obres poètiques, amb un pròleg de l’autor.

    Barcelona, Edicions Nauta, 1964.

    First edition of this collected anthology of Foix’s poems and prose pieces, no. 833 of 1100 numbered copies signed by the author, together with the first printing of Desa acquests llibres al calaix de baix.


  10. [GARCÍA LORCA, Federico, et al.]

    Los Cuatro Vientos.

    Madrid, Febrero [–Junio], 1933.

    The complete run of this short-lived Madrid literary review, from February to June of 1933.


  11. ALBERTI, Rafael.

    Cal y canto.

    Madrid, Revista de Occidente, [1929].

    First edition of Alberti’s fourth collection of poems. Cal y canto occupies a central position in the poet’s work before the Spanish Civil War, introducing themes he was to return to again and again throughout his life.


  12. BOLAÑO, Roberto.


    Barcelona, Editorial Anagrama, [2004].

    First edition of the Chilean writer’s last novel, the major preoccupation of the last five years of his life.


  13. ALBERTI, Rafael.

    De los Alamos y los sauces.

    [Buenos Aires], Ediciones del Angel Gulab, 1940.

    First edition of this collection of poems: one of 120 numbered copies on Hammermill paper, signed by Alberti, of a total edition of 425. No. III in the series Cancionero de la Sirena, edited by Angel Gulab.


  14. GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ, Gabriel, and Avellí ARTÍS-GENER, translator.


    Barcelona, Edhasa, 1970.

    First edition of Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude in Catalan, translated by the journalist, translator, and writer Avellí Artís-Gener (1912–2000).


  15. GARCÍA LORCA, Federico.

    Chant funèbre pour Ignacio Sanchez Mejias & Ode à Walt Whitman. Traduits par Rolland-Simon.

    [Paris], GLM, 1938.

    Rare first edition in French of Lorca’s Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías: copy no. 2 of 20 printed on hollande pannekoek (first paper) of a total edition of 470.


  16. GARCÍA LORCA, Federico.

    Romancero gitano.

    [Barcelona], Editorial Nuestro Pueblo, 1937.

    Published seven months after Lorca’s death, this ‘Edición de homenaje popular’ has an introduction by Rafael Alberti.


  17. [TORGA, Miguel, pseud.] ROCHA, Adolpho Correia da.

    Abismo. Poemas.

    [Coimbra, “Atlantida”, 1932.]

    First (and only) edition of one of the very rare early collections of poetry of Miguel Torga, published under his own name while he was still a medical student in Coimbra.


  18. ALEIXANDRE, Vicente.

    Historia del Corazón.

    Madrid, Espasa-Calpe, 1954.

    First edition of this important work by the Nobel prize-winning poet Vicente Aleixandre (1898–1984).


  19. CIRIA Y ESCALANTE, José de.


    Madrid, Artes de la illustración, 1924.

    First edition, no. 172 of 200 copies, a collection of thirteen poems brought posthumously to press by Ciria’s friends.


  20. GUERRERO, Lila.

    Mis devociones.

    Buenos Aires, Ediciones Aconcagua, 1965.

    First and only edition of this collection of thirty-two poems, inscribed on the half-title ‘para Elsa y Luís Aragón mi olvidado corazon a la intemperie, recordandolos con cariño fervoroso / Lila’.