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  1. NAYLOR, Emmett Hay.

    Trade Associations: their Organization and Management.

    New York, The Ronald Press Company, 1921.

    First edition of a comprehensive history of trade associations, written by the President of the American Trade Association Executives.


  2. NIEHANS, Jürg.

    Der Gedanke der Autarkie im Merkantilismus von einst und im Neomerkantilismus von gestern.

    Zürich, H. Girsberger, 1945.

    First edition of Niehan’s work on the idea of self-sufficiency in the age of Mercantilism, published as volume 37 of the series Zürcher Volkswirtschaftlicje Forschungen, under the editorship of M. Saitzew. Niehans (1920-2007), a distinguished economist, taught at the Universities of Zurich, Johns...


  3. NIXON, John.

    Marmor Estonianum seu Dissertatio de sella marmorea votiva Estoniae, in Agro Northamptoniensi conservata.

    London, Typis J. Bettenham, 1744.

    First edition of Nixon’s essay on the well preserved fragment of an ancient marble seat, with a Greek inscription, unearthed in a Northamptonshire field by a farmer ploughing.


  4. PARADIN, Guillaume.

    Gulielmi Paradini Anchemani Epigrammata ...

    Lyons, Ant. Gryphius, 1581.

    First and only edition of this French historian’s poetry including verses about or addressed to Ronsard, Pontus de Tyard, Claude Rouillet, and the Lyons printers Sébastien and Antoine Gryphe, and Jean de Tournes.


  5. PARETO, Vilfredo.

    Compendio di Sociologia generale per cura di Giulio Farina.

    Florence, G. Barbèra, 1920.

    First edition of an abridged version of the Trattato di Sociologia Generale (1916), Pareto’s principal contribution to sociology.


  6. PENNDORF, Balduin.

    Geschichte der Buchhaltung in Deutschland.

    Leipzig, G. A. Gloeckner, 1913.

    First edition of this standard, but important, work on the history of German book-keeping. Balduin Penndorf (1873–1941) published numerous works on accountancy, including a translation (1933) of Pacioli’s important Summa di Arithmetica Geometria Proportioni e Proportionalità (1494).


  7. SOKOLOV, Ippolit Vasilevich, et al.


    [Moscow, 1921.]

    First edition: four short poems from the leading Soviet film critic Ippolit Sokolov, together with lyric pieces by two minor writers, Boris Pereleshin and Aleksandr Rakitnikov.


  8. PETNIKOV, Grigorii Nikolaevich.

    Kniga Marii zazhgi snega [The Book of ‘Mary Light the Snows’].

    St Petersburg, “Liren’”, 1920.

    First edition of the last of the poet-translator’s books to be published by Liren’, the publishing house he founded together with Aseev in 1914. ‘Mary light the snows [and set the meadows playing]’ is a reference to a Russian folk-name for 1 April, the feast-day of St Mary of Egypt and the traditional...




    Geneva, J. J. Paschoud, 1802.

    First edition by the Swiss agronomist Pictet (1755–1824) who, from 1796, edited the Journal d’agriculture, part of the Bibliothèque de Genève. An expert in all fields of rural economy, he introduced merino sheep into Switzerland and promoted crop rotation in that country by his own example.


  10. PLANAS, D. Eusebio.

    Historia de una mujer. Album de cincuenta cromos.

    Barcelona, Juan Aleu y Fugarull, 1880.

    First edition. A chronicle in pictures of the life of a beautiful modern woman, and her adventures and misadventures with men: in front of fashionable Madrid shop-fronts, in her boudoir, on the balcony, on the stage and in the dressing-room, at balls and dinner parties, in a train, the Alps, the 1878...


  11. [POWNALL, Thomas.] POWNALL, Charles A. W.

    Thomas Pownall M.P., F.R.S., Governor of Massachusetts Bay, Author of The Letters of...

    London, Henry Stevens, Son & Stiles, 1908.

    First edition. Thomas Pownall, English colonial administrator and Governor of Massachusetts, was one of the earliest critics of Adam Smith, publishing a critical Letter (1776) discussing the Wealth of Nations. Although he expressed admiration for Smith’s work in the Letter, he opposed his view of the...


  12. [PRADT, Dominique Georges Frédéric de Riom de Prolhiac du Four de].

    Antidote au Congrès de Rastadt, ou Plan d’un nouvel équilibre...

    London [i.e. Hamburg], 1798.

    First edition of the Abbé de Pradt’s first and most famous work. The entries for the present work in Barbier, Quérard and NUC (which gives a different pagination) all include ‘par l’auteur des “Considérations sur la France”’ in their transcription of the title-page. Our copy is completely...


  13. [PRATT, Samuel Jackson].

    The Pupil of Pleasure: or, the new System illustrated. Inscribed to Mrs. Eugenia Stanhope, Editor of Lord...

    London, Printed for G. Robinson, and J. Bew ... 1776.

    First edition of an epistolary novel designed to illustrate the pernicious effects of Chesterfield’s cynical precepts in the Letters to his Son. The Pupil of Pleasure, perhaps the first rejoinder in the form of fiction, posits a hero of ‘birth, rank, figure, and character’ who is brought up on...


  14. ENGELMANN, Gottfried.

    Lithograph portrait of François Quesnay after a portrait by Pierre Roche Vigneron.

    c. 1830.

    This portrait of Quesnay in a characteristically pensive pose, wearing a wig and fine clothing, reflects his stature and intellectual reputation. The humbly born Quesnay went on to become surgeon to Louis XV and a renowned economist, famous for being the founding father of the Physiocrats.


  15. RADLOVA, Anna Dmitrievna.

    Korabli. Vtoraia kniga stikhov [Ships. A Second Book of Poems].

    St Petersburg, “Alkonost”, 1920.

    First edition of the second collection of poems published by Anna Radlova (1891–1949), a poet well-known for her translations of Shakespeare. Radlova chose to be repatriated at the end of the war – she was immediately sent to a concentration camp, where she later died.


  16. RADLOVA, Anna Dmitrievna.

    Krylatyi gost’. Tret’ia kniga stikhov [The Winged Guest. A Third Book of Poems].

    [St Petersburg,] “Petropolis”, 1922.

    First edition: Radlova’s third collection of poems, written in 1920–22.


  17. RAMUS, Petrus.

    Rhetoricae Destinctiones in Quintilianum. Parisiis, ex typographia Matthaei Davidis, 1550.

    Paris, 1550.

    1. Third edition. "This is Ramus' commentary on the twelve books of Quintilian's Institutiones oratoriae later combined with Brutus' Problems to form the Lectures on Rethoric" (Ong p. 147).


  18. RAMUS, Petrus.

    P. Rami ... Oratio de legatione.

    Paris, Andreas Wechel, 1557.

    First (?) edition: a fascinating pamphlet marking a critical epoch in the history of the University of Paris and the first occasion on which Ramus came into prominence as champion of his University and of higher education in general.


  19. RAMUS, Petrus.

    Harangue ... touchant ce qu'ont faict les deputez de l’Université de Paris envers le Roy. Mise de Latin en Francois.

    Paris, Andreas Wechel, 1557.

    First French-language edition of the above, issued simultaneously with the Latin text and presumably translated by Ramus himself. Apart from La Dialectique, this is one of Ramus’ very few works in the vernacular. Very rare.