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  1. ERASMUS, Desiderius and Gerard LISTRIUS (commentator).

    Moriæ encomium … epistolæ aliquot in fine additæ.

    Leiden, Joannes Maire, 1648.

    Second Maire edition of Erasmus’ Praise of Folly, in a handsome binding by Simier, from the celebrated library of the count De la Bédoyère, and appearing in the catalogues of both dispersals of his library.


  2. SARPI, Paolo.

    Historia del Concilio Tridentino di Pietro Soave Polano. Nella quale si scoprono tutti gl’artificii della Corte...

    London, John Bill, 1619.

    First edition, a large paper copy, of Sarpi’s history of the Council of Trent; published under the pseudonym of Pietro Soave Polano by the apostate Marcantonio de Dominis, with additions by the latter. Large paper copies of the first edition are very rare.


  3. SABATIER, Ernest, Père.

    Dictionnaire Gilbertin – Français.

    Polycopié à Tabuiroa et terminé le 25 juillet 1954.

    Scarce first edition, the first complete description of the Gilbertese or Kiribati language. Sabatier (1886-1965) served as a Catholic missionary in the Gilbert Islands for over 50 years, arriving as a young man in 1912 and remaining there until his death. He earned a reputation as a linguist, ethnographer...


  4. [ANON.]

    Manuscript diary.

    [England], 22 September 1805 – 28 January 1806.

    An extraordinary and psychologically intriguing diary of an English lady preoccupied with the proper use of her time, comprising in effect an account book of time spent on her daily activities, down to the quarter hour, including prayer, reading the scriptures, dressing, breakfast and dinner, instructing...


  5. BERTHAULT, Pierre.

    Florus Francicus, sive rerum a Francis bello gestarum epitome, in IV libellos distincta ... Adiecta sunt in...

    Paris, Jean Libert, 1644.

    Fourth edition of these popular abridged histories of France for students by the historian Pierre Berthault (c. 1600-1681), a member of the Congregation of the Oratory of Jesus and Mary Immaculate who taught at Marseille and served as Canon of Chartres. The Florus Francicus was long considered one of...



    Illustrations of missionary scenes, an offering to youth.

    Mainz, Joseph Scholz, [c. 1855?].

    First edition of part 1 of this 2 part work, comprising twenty ‘carefully drawn, and in some cases remarkably powerful illustrations’ (Abbey), with accompanying text, depicting missionary activity in West Africa, India, New Zealand, North-West America, and China.


  7. BRUECKMANN, Franz Ernst.

    De Cervo Volante et eius Hybernaculo.

    Wolfenbüttel, [for the author], 1739

    First and only edition of the earliest monograph on the stag beetle. The fine plate shows the insect in all its glory, also his winter quarters in the trunk of an oak tree.


  8. ATLANTICUS, pseud.

    Ein Blick in den Zukunftsstaat. Produktion und Konsum im Sozialstaat. Mit einer Vorrede von Karl Kautsky.

    Stuttgart, J. H. W. Dietz, 1898.

    First edition of this utopian discourse on the industrial and commercial composition of the ideal socialised state. The most common attribution is to the Latvian-born economist Carl Ballod, though some, including the British Library, suggest the author Gustav Jaeckh. There is a significant foreword (pp....


  9. [LITURGY.]

    Cerimonie piu’ notabili della messa privata; Cavate dalle rubriche del Missale, ed altri autori da un Sacerdote D.C.D.M....

    Turin, Gianfranco Mairesse, 1739.

    As far as we are aware unrecorded edition of this uncommon treatise on the celebration of the mass and its associated rituals. Dealing both with private (low) masses and with solemn mass and solemn vespers, the work explains the meaning and performance of the non-verbal aspects of the liturgy:...


  10. POWELL, Anthony.

    Casanova’s Chinese Restaurant. A Novel.

    London, Melbourne and Toronto, Heinemann, 1960.

    First edition. Aldiss’s notes on the reverse of the review slip reference a number of pages in the book and include notes such as ‘In the end most things in life – perhaps all things – turn out to be appropriate’, and ‘apologia for silence’. He has also noted: ‘vehicle for discussing...


  11. BARKER, David and Mary GINSBERG.

    Lu Xun’s Legacy. Printmaking in Modern China: an exhibition of prints from the Muban Educational...

    London, 2020. 

    A catalogue produced to accompany a travelling exhibition to be held in Edinburgh, Durham and London, which illustrates and describes 132 colour and black-and-white Chinese woodblock prints dating from the 1930s to the present day.
    The author Lu Xun (1881-1936) revitalized the tradition of woodblock...


  12. [HONE, William, attributed.]

    The Political litany, diligently revised; to be said or sung, until the appointed change come, throughout...

    London, J.D. Dewick for William Hone, 1817.

    One of the satirical pamphlets for which the political writer and publisher William Hone (1780-1842) was famously put on trial for blasphemy in December 1817, ‘in one of the great case histories of all blasphemy trials’ (ODNB), the other two being The late John Wilkes’s catechism and...


  13. DESCARTES, René, and Louis de la FORGE (editor).

    Tractatus de homine, et de formatione foetus.

    Amsterdam, Daniel Elzevir, 1677.

    First and only Elzevir edition, and the first edition of the better Latin text of Descartes’s Traité de l’homme. De homine ‘is the first work in the history of science and medicine to construct a unified system of human physiology that presents man as a purely material and...