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  1. BENTHAM, Jeremy. SALAS Y CORTES, Ramón, translator.

    Tratados de legislación civil y penal, obra extractada de los manuscritos...

    Madrid, Fermín Villalpando, 1821-1822.

    A very good copy of this Spanish translation of Bentham’s penal writings, translated from the second French edition of 1820, with an additional commentary, by the Spanish jurist and rector of Salamanca University, Salas y Cortés (1753-1837). This collection was first prepared and published in French...


  2. ANTWERP, William C. van.

    The Stock Exchange from Within. Illustrated from photographs.

    New York, Doubleday, Page & Company, 1913.

    First edition of this historical account of the New York Stock Exchange.



    RICARDO, Samson, and others. Collection of 12 works on the Bank of England,


    Twelve rare and important texts, witnessing the dispute between J. Horsley Palmer, merchant, banker and governor of the Bank of England, the economist Ricardo Samson, and the banker Samuel Loyd-Jones, one of the leading figures in the monetary history of England: a notable sammelband with a remarkable...


  4. BARBIERI, Lodovico.

    Trattato di psicologia nel quale si ragiona della natura dell’anime umane, e degli altri spiriti, della loro...

    Venice, Pietro Valvasense, 1756.

    First edition of the polymath Barbieri’s treatise in which he argues that the soul is an ‘active power’. Barbieri’s text tackles the interrelation of the body and soul, the nature of space, will and freedom, argues for the superiority of the spiritual over the corporeal and against the theory...


  5. BARGINET, Alexandre-Pierre.

    De l’amnistie et du mariage de S. A. R. le duc d’Orléans.

    Paris, Laisné, [1837].

    First edition, rare. A work commending the Prince Royal, Ferdinand Philippe of Orléans, whose talent at exercising influence and popular support gave a hopeful outlook for the constitutional monarchy in France – a position strengthened by his marriage to Hélène of Mecklenburg-Schwerin in May 1837....


  6. BARTJENS, Willem.

    De vernieuwde cyfferinge … waer uyt men meest alle de grondt-regulen van de reecken-konst leeren kan. Herstelt,...

    Amsterdam, Michiel de Groot, 1677.

    Rare, early edition of Bartjens’ classic work on arithmetic for schools, here combining both separately-published parts, the first basic, the second more advanced. Originally published in 1604, and first published in this revised and retitled form in 1636, Bartjens’ work was many times reprinted,...


  7. BARRÊME, François-Bertrand.

    Traité des parties doubles, ou, Methode aisée pour apprendre à tenir en parties doubles les...

    Paris, J.-G. Nyon, 1721.

    First edition of this important manual of double-entry bookkeeping by the first man to teach commercial arithmetic in France, a mathematician whose impact on accountancy has been acknowledged to this day. This book, now rare, was published posthumously by his son, who had helped his father run an academy...


  8. BENTHAM, Jeremy.

    Chrestomathia: being a collection of papers, explanatory of the design of an institution, proposed to be set on...

    London, printed for Messrs. Payne and Foss and R. Hunter, 1816-17.

    First published edition of both parts of Bentham’s only book on education, which wholly reviewed the premises and articulation of the school system by extending the principles of utilitarianism to the realm of education, in order to make it fit for a new era and the emerging ‘middling classes’.


  9. BIELFELD, Jacob Friedrich, Freiherr von.

    Institutions politiques. Tome premier (- troisième).

    The Hague, P. Gosse jr., 1760 (I-II), and Leiden, S. & J. Luchtmans, 1772 (III).

    First edition, a rare complete set including the third volume, which, since published by the author’s wife (using the author’s notes) twelve years after the publication of the first two parts, is almost invariably either absent or not homogeneous.


  10. BLACKBURN, Henry.

    Randolph Caldecott: a personal memoir of his early art career.

    London, Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, Rivington, 1886.

    First edition of a memoir detailing the early artwork of Randolph Caldecott, a 19th century English magazine and newspaper illustrator, known for his work ‘Picture Books’. The book consists of extracts from his letters which aim to act as a setting for his many illustrations, often political, including...


  11. BODEMER, Heinrich.

    Die Wirkungen der Creditpapiere in Bezug die Vehmehrung der Banken in Deutschland.

    Leipzig, Heinrich Hubner, 1853.

    First edition of a rare German treatise on banking, money, paper money and credit. Bodemer argues for a bettering and widening of credit in Prussia at a crucial time of its economic development, where both production and trade required ever more more advanced, unified and modern financial tools.


  12. CALDERINUS, Johannes (Thomas Dorniberg, editor).

    Concordantia, sive Ambidexterium.

    Speyer, Peter Drach, 1481.

    First(?) edition of Calderinus’s Concordantia, also know under the title Tabula auctoritatum et sententiarum Bibliae. Calderinus (d. 1365) studied canon law at the university of Bologna under Johannes Andreae, the most important canonist of the 14th century, who adopted him as his son. After receiving...


  13. CAMPANO, Giovanni Antonio.

    Oratio ... in [con]ventu Ratispo. ad exhortandas principes Germano[rum] contra Turcos et de laudibus...

    [Rome, Stephan Plannck, c. 1487].

    First edition of this speech by Campano intended to incite the belligerency of the Germans against the Turks, in the wake of Turkish raids into Friuli, in northeast Italy, which had begun in 1469. Famous for his Latin epigrams, verses, orations, and biographical and historical works, Campano (1429-1477)...


  14. [ANON.]

    Stella clericorum.

    [Ulm, Johann Zainer, not after 1487].

    An early edition of the Stella clericorum, a handbook for secular clergy and a medieval and early modern favourite. Composed around 1200, its use spanned centuries of clerical life, its text surviving in more than 450 extant manuscripts and 80 early printed editions. The Stella pulls together into a...


  15. VERTOT, abbé de.

    The history of the revolutions of Portugal. By M. l’Abbe de Vertot, member of the Royal Academy of Inscriptions...

    Glasgow, printed by R. Urie for D. Baxter, 1750.

    Uncommon first Glasgow edition of this English translation of the Histoire des révolutions de Portugal, a classic account of the Portuguese Restoration War against Spain (1640-1668) by the French historian René-Aubert Vertot (1655-1735).



    Breve compendio de las innumerables lamentables ruinas, y lastimosos estragos, que à la violencia, y conjuracion...

    Cadiz, en la imprenta de la viuda de Miguel de Ortega, [1755].

    Scarce account of the destruction wrought by the earthquake, and subsequent tsunami and firestorm that hit Lisbon on 1 November 1755. One of the deadliest in history, the earthquake almost totally destroyed the Portuguese capital, accentuating political tensions throughout the kingdom. It was widely...


  17. [SWEDENBORG, Emanuel].

    De nova Hierosolyma et ejus Doctrina Coelesti: ex Auditis e Coelo. Quibus praemittitur aliquid de Novo Coelo...

    Londoni: [Printed by John Lewis,] 1758.

    First edition of Swedenborg’s ‘New Jerusalem’, in which he describes a new church based on faith, charity and the unification of existing protestant churches.


  18. YARRELL, William.

    A History of British Fishes … illustrated by nearly 400 Woodcuts.

    London, Samuel Bentley for John van Voorst, 1836.

    First collected editions, with an autograph letter on the Hebridal smelt from the species’ discoverer. Published serially from 1835 to 1836, Yarrell’s History of British Fishes was reprinted within a year, and followed soon after by Thomas Bell’s British Reptiles in 1839 and his own British Birds...


  19. PERUCCI, Francesco.

    Pompe funebri di tutte le nationi del mondo, raccolte dale storie sagre et profane.

    Verona, Francesco Rossi, 1639.

    First edition of Perucci’s extensively illustrated account of funeral practices, inscribed by a Scottish antiquary and documented book collector. A fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and later the Royal Society, Walter Bowman (1699 – 1782) travelled extensively over the course of five decades...


  20. [EATON, Daniel Isaac].

    The Trial of Daniel Isaac Eaton, for publishing a supposed libel, intituled Politics for the people; or...

    London, Daniel Isaac Eaton, [1794].

    First edition. The trial brought Eaton great attention; he was defended by Joseph Gurney and acquitted, adopting thereafter the triumphant imprint ‘Printed by D. I. Eaton at the Cock and Swine’. The case received significant attention in America, where the Alien and Sedition Acts were soon...