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    An Essay on the Passions: with other Poems … Shrewsbury: Printed by T. Wood … for P. Owen … Welshpool; sold...

    Welshpool; sold by Champante and Whitrow … London, and all the Booksellers in Shrewsbury. 1799.

    First edition. ‘I have felt as many woes as ever tore the bosom of a Petrarch’, writes the author in the Preface, ‘and have struggled with as many penurious calamities as ever agonized the soul of a Chatterton; will not then a generous public pardon my presumption, when informed, that I woke my...


  2. HEADRICK, Rev.

    James. View of the Mineralogy, Agriculture, Manufactures and Fisheries of the Island of Arran. With Notices of Antiquities,...

    Edinburgh: Printed by D. Willison, for Archibald Constable and Co. Edinburgh, and John Murray, 32. Fleet-Street, London. 1807.

    First edition. The eccentric clergyman and geologist James Headrick (1759-1841) pursued a lifelong interest in the natural sciences and for a time found employment with Sir John Sinclair, probably working on The Statistical Account of Scotland. He was disappointed in repeated attempts to secure an academic...


  3. [BROWN, Thomas, M.D.].

    The Bower of Spring, with other Poems … Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable and Co. and Longman,...

    Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable and Co. and Longman, Hurst Rees, Orme and Brown, London. 1817

    First edition. Brown was professor of Moral Philosophy at Edinburgh and a prolific versifier (‘among the few Classical Writers of this scribbling generation’ according to the Edinburgh Review – for which Brown was a regular contributor).


  4. MILL, James.

    Elements of political economy … Second edition, revised and corrected.

    London, Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1824.

    Second edition of what Palgrave terms ‘Mill’s masterpiece’, extensively revised with alterations ‘too numerous to be specified’. This copy with a presentation inscription to Thomas Love Peacock signed ‘the author’.


  5. [SHAKESPEARE]; ‘HAMILTON, N.E.S.A.’ [i.e. COLLIER, John Payne].

    An inquiry into the genuineness of the manuscript corrections...

    London, Richard Bentley, 1860.

    First edition, the result of research by the Keeper and Assistant Keeper of manuscripts at the British Library, Frederic Madden and Nicholas Hamilton.


  6. MARTIN, Benjamin.

    The Young Student’s Memorial Book, or pocket Library.

    London: Printed for J. Noon … 1736.

    First and only edition. A self-taught schoolmaster in Chichester, Benjamin Martin (1705-1782) ‘began to write, with the avowed intention of bringing down the price of books, especially for the benefit of those who were trying to educate themselves as he had done’ (Oxford DNB). ‘One of the great...


  7. ANDERSEN, Hans Christian.

    The Improvisatore: or, Life in Italy. From the Danish … Translated by Mary Howitt. In two Volumes …...

    London: Richard Bentley … 1845

    First edition in English of Andersen’s autobiographical novel reflecting his travels in Italy. The poet and novelist Caroline Norton (1808-1877) obviously valued it highly, and there are pencilled marginal scorings and underlings throughout. She was a granddaughter of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, and...


  8. WILMOT, John, Esq.

    Memoirs of the Life of the Right Honourable Sir John Eardley Wilmot, Knt. Late Lord Chief Justice of the Court...

    ‘Second edition’, expanded; first published in quarto in 1802. The Memoirs of John Eardley Wilmot (1709-1792) were authored by his son John Wilmot (1748-1815), likewise a lawyer. This copy belonged to John Scott, 1st Earl of Eldon (1751-1838), who records this copy as having been given by Wilmot’s...


  9. WALKER, John.

    An economical History of the Hebrides and Highlands of Scotland ... in two Volumes ... Edinburgh: Printed at the...

    Edinburgh: Printed at the University Press; 1808

    First edition. The eminent naturalist John Walker (1731-1803), professor of natural history in the University of Edinburgh (Smollett was one of his students) and keeper of the university museum, made six long journeys into the Highlands and Islands from 1760 to 1786. He was commissioned by the General...


  10. BATTY, John.

    London: George Redway … 1883. [Bound with:]
    KERSLAKE, Thomas. The Liberty of independent historical...

    First edition of The Liberty of independent historical research, second edition of The Scope and Charm of Antiquarian Study.
    ‘What is the use of bothering your head about the past?’ asks John Batty, a Yorkshire antiquary; he provides an answer in this beguilingly written guide...



    List of Books in the Library of the Burlington Fine Arts Club. London: Printed for the Burlington Fine...

    London: Printed for the Burlington Fine Arts Club … 1887

    First edition, ‘printed for circulation among the Members of the Club … to direct their attention to the fact that the nucleus of an Art Library exists’ and to encourage donation of books and subscriptions to the library fund.


  12. TENNYSON, Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

    Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington… London: Edward Moxon …1852.

    TENNYSON, Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

    First edition. Wellington died at Walmer Castle on 14 September, and Tennyson’s ode was published on 18 November, the day of the funeral. One of his earliest Laureate poems, it was, of course, a patriotic piece, but also, as a Horatian ode in English, a notable technical achievement. Tennyson was to...


  13. UNSWORTH, Walt.


    London: Richard Clay (The Chaucer Press) Ltd for Allen Lane, 1981.

    First edition. ‘This is the story of Man’s attempts to climb a very special mountain’ begins Unsworth’s book, which was very well reviewed when first published in 1981, thanks to his depth of knowledge of his subject, and his original contributions to the historical retrospective of the adventures...


  14. BRYDONE, P[atrick]. 

    A Tour through Sicily and Malta.  In a series of letters to William Beckford, Esq., of Somerly in Suffolk...

    Strahan and T. Cadell, 1775. 

    Fourth edition of ‘one of the most successful works on Italian travel written in the eighteenth century and … the first important book on Sicily’ (Pine-Coffin). 


  15. MYERS, Robin, Andrew BURNETT, and Renae SATTERLEY.

    ‘I do not eat the bread of idleness’: Dr Andrew Coltée Ducarel 1713–1785,...

    The Garendon Press, 2023.

    This volume brings together revised versions of four of Robin Myers’s papers on aspects of Ducarel’s life and work published between 1994 and 2002, and ‘The Life and Times of the Ducarel Brothers’, her recent introductory essay to Two Huguenot Brothers: Letters of Andrew and James Coltée...


  16. RICARDO, David.

    Zasady ekonomji politycznej i podatkowania.

    Warsaw, Jan Cotty, 1919.

    Second and most complete Polish edition of On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation (first published in 1817), in a new translation by Dr. M. Bronstein. The 1826 first Polish translation by Stanislaw Kunatt was based on the translation into French by the Portuguese journalist Francisco Solano...


  17. RICARDO, David.

    The Works and Correspondence of David Ricardo, edited by Piero Sraffa with the Collaboration of M.H. Dobb.

    Cambridge, Cambridge University Press for the Royal Economic Society, 1951 [– 1955].

    First comprehensive edition of the works of the political economist David Ricardo (1772–1823).


  18. ABBEVILLE, Claude d’.

    Histoire de la mission des peres capucins en l’isle de Maragnan et terres circonvoisines ou est traicte...

    Paris, François Huby, 1614.

    Second edition, enlarged and revised from the first edition published earlier the same year, a handsome copy. The first written account of the Capuchin mission to Maranhão, an island on the coast of Brazil, of which, Sabin notes, this is the earliest mention. In 1612 the mission, composed of...


  19. GALILEI, Galileo.

    Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche, intorno a due nuove scienze attenenti alla mecanica & i movimenti locali...

    Leiden, Elzevier, 1638.

    First edition of the first modern textbook of physics and the foundation of the science of mechanics; a very important copy, owned and annotated by Pierre Varignon, intimate friend of Newton, Leibniz, and the Bernoullis.


  20. OWEN, John. 

    Epigrammatum Ioan Oweni Cambro-Britanni Oxoniensis.  Editio postrema, correctissima, & posthumis quibusdam adaucta. 

    Breslau, Esaias Fellgiebel, 1658. 

    Scarce Breslau-printed edition of John Owen’s popular Latin epigrams, bound with the first edition of a rare German work providing guidance to princely and noble houses as well as military officials.