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  1. CLARENDON, Edward Hyde, Earl of

    The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, begun in the Year 1641.  With...

    Oxford, Printed at the Theater, 1702[–4]. 

    First edition of Clarendon’s monumental History of the Civil War, with a presentation inscription by his son Henry Hyde, the second Earl (1638–1709). 


  2. DE CICON, Marguerite. 

    Manuscript regarding the seigneurial rights of Marguerite de Cicon. 

    Montureux-lès-Baulay, France, 1627. 

    A remarkably detailed manuscript, and a very attractive object, detailing the seigneurial rights of Marguerite de Cicon in the small town of Montureux-lès-Baulay, situated between Nancy and Dijon in the Burgundy region of eastern France. 



    Voyage en Sibérie, fait par ordre du roi en 1761; contenant...

    Paris, chez Debure, 1768.

    First edition of this beautifully illustrated description of Siberia and Kamchatka, a handsome copy complete with 56 engraved plates and 33 maps and plans.  The first two volumes are the work of the French astronomer Jean Chappe d’Auteroche (1722–69).  In 1761 Chappe was ordered by Louis...


  4. NABBES, Thomas. 

    Microcosmus.  A Morall Maske, presented with generall liking, at the private House in Salisbury Court, and heere...

    London, Printed by Richard Oulton for Charles Greene … 1637. 

    First edition of an allegorical morality play (the Elements, the Senses, Love, Fear, Hope, Melancholy, et al.) which ‘may be the first English masque presented in a theatre with moveable scenery’ (Pforzheimer Catalogue).


  5. SCHEFFER, Johannes Gerhard. 

    Constantini Opelii de fabrica triremium Meibomiana epistola perbrevis ad amicum. 

    ‘Eleuteropoli’ [Freistadt?], 1672. 

    First edition of this treatise on the ancient oar-driven warships known as triremes by the noted German philologist and archaeologist Johannes Scheffer (1621–1679), written as a critical response to the De fabrica triremium liber of Marcus Meibom, which had appeared in Amsterdam the previous...


  6. ROSS, James Clark. 

    A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions, during the Years 1839–43 … ...

    London, John Murray, 1847. 

    First edition, ‘one of the most important works in the history of Antarctic exploration’ (Hill), and ‘a monument to one of mankind’s greatest expeditions of geographical and scientific exploration’ (Rosove). 


  7. MÉRIMÉE, Prosper.

    La Chambre bleue. Nouvelle dédiée à Madame de la Rhune.

    Brussels, Librairie de la Place de la Monnaie, 1872.

    Very rare first procurable edition of Mérimée’s novella La Chambre bleue, one of 129 copies printed. The first edition (‘Biarritz, 1866’ = Paris, Jules Claye, 1871) was published in only three copies.


  8. [LUYNES, Honoré Théodore Paul Joseph d’Albert, duc de.]  VIGNES, Louis, photographer; Charles NEGRES, printer

    Voyage d’exploration à la mer Morte, à Petra et sur la rive gauche du Jourdain par M. Le Duc de Luynes,...

    Printed 1874–76. 

    A fine set of the photogravures for which Nègre was justly celebrated, from the collection of Marie-Thérèse and André Jammes.  The titles and plate numbers are added in pencil, likely by the author or publisher (Arthus Bertrand, Paris, 1874-76).  The albumen prints, from the original negatives...


  9. BOUDIER DE VILLEMERT, Pierre-Joseph. 

    L’Andrometrie, ou examen philosophique de l’homme.  Par Monsieur l’Abbé de Villemaire. 

    Paris, chez Brunet, 1753. 

    First editions of two scarce works by the philosopher, moralist and Parisian avocat Boudier de Villemert (1716–1801), best known as the author of L’Ami des Femmes. 


  10. ANGELI, Alessandro degli.

    In astrologos coniectores libri quinque … Nunc primum prodit [sic] in lucem. Cum indicibus pernecessariis,...

    Lyons, Horace Cardon, 1615.

    First edition of this thorough attack on astrology by degli Angeli (1542–1620), head of the Jesuit college at Rome, this copy with a presentation inscription by the Lyons publisher and printer Horace Cardon (1566–1641).


  11. [ALTAR CARDS.]

    Two altar cards with Latin text and images of Christ and St John.

    ‘A Paris, chez I. Baudemont’, second half of seventeenth century.

    Two seemingly unrecorded hand-coloured prompt cards for priests, bearing readings and prayers, and devotional images of Jesus and St John, comprising separately printed images, text and borders arranged together in collage fashion.


  12. GELLIUS, Aulus. 

    Noctium Atticarum commentaria per Bonfinem Asculanum summa nuper diligentia et studio recognita. 

    Venice, Giovanni Tacuino, 1517. 

    Second edition of Gellius’s opus with the commentary of philologist Matteo Bonfini (1441–1517), annotated throughout by a contemporary reader whose corrections and comments include references to the lectures of Paolo Bombasi as cited by Erasmus in the 1508 edition of the Adagia


  13. FLORENT DE SALES (pseud.).

    Vrai systême du monde physique et moral.

    [Switzerland,] 1797.

    Only edition, rare, of this utopia, the identity of whose author, and even of whose printer, remains unknown.



    Sanctus Ioannes Gualbertus Florentinus institutor ordinis Vallisumbrosae. 

    [S.l., s.n.,] 1774. 

    A wonderful engraving depicting scenes from the life of Saint Giovanni Gualberto (c. 985–1073, anglicised as John Gualbert), founder of the Vallombrosan Order. 


  15. POPE, Alexander.

    Of false Taste. An Epistle to the right honourable Richard Earl of Burlington. Occasion’d by his publishing...

    London: Printed for L. Gilliver … 1731 [1732].

    1. Third edition of Of false Taste, published on 15 January 1732, adding Pope’s long letter to Burlington in reply to ‘the clamour rais’d about this epistle’. This is the first of three issues, with the misprint ‘Cielings’ on p. 11. Griffith 267; Foxon P912.


  16. [BOUCHET, Jean.]

    Les triu[m]phes de la noble et amoureuse dame, et l’art de honnestement aymer, compose par le Traverseur des...

    Paris, Estienne Caveiller for Pierre Sergent, 6 June 1539.

    Unrecorded issue of Jean Bouchet’s contemplative work of moral theology in prose and verse explicitly intended for a female readership, following the personified Soul in dialogue with several virtues as she attempts to combat the forces of earthly temptation with the power of divine grace.



    Omnia opera. 

    Paris, Sebastien Nivelle, 1572. 

    A thoroughly annotated copy of this early edition of the complete works of Clement of Alexandria, in the Latin translation of Gentian Hervet.  Clement lived and wrote in the second and third centuries, one of the most important interpreters of Christianity within an established Greek philosophical...


  18. BRYDONE, Patrick.

    Voyage en Sicile et à Malthe, traduit de l’anglois de M. Brydone, membre de la Société Royale des Sciences...

    Neuchâtel, au magasin de la Société Typographique, 1776.

    Attractive edition of Brydone’s A tour through Sicily and Malta (1773) in the French translation of Jean-Nicolas Démeunier (1751–1814), ‘one of the most successful works on Italian travel in the eighteenth century and … the first important book on Sicily’ (Pine-Coffin).


  19. [BRISTOL.] 

    The Bristol Contest, being a Collection of all the Papers published by both Parties, on the Election, 1754. 

    Bristol, ‘sold by the Printing-Office … and by J. Palmer’, [1754]. 

    Extremely rare first edition of this Bristol-printed political pamphlet, bound with the first edition of a French work on pyrotechnics used both for spectacle and for war. 


  20. CHALMERS [CHAMBERS], David, Lord Ormond.

    Histoire abbregée de toutes les Roys de France, Angletaire, et Escosse … [with:]...

    Paris, Robert Coulombel ‘at the sign of Aldus’, 1579.

    First edition of the three principal works of David Chalmers (c. 1530–1592), a faithful follower of Mary, Queen of Scots, who appointed him Lord of Session and Privy Counsellor.