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  1. CONSTANT, Benjamin.

    Le “Cahier Rouge” de Benjamin Constant publié par L. Constant de Rebecque.

    Paris, [Paul Brodard for] Calmann Levy. [1907].

    First edition, no. 4 of 100 copies printed on Imperial japon. Written in 1807, Constant’s ‘Cahier Rouge’ describes his childhood and adolescence 1767-1787.



    Mémoire pour le Sieur Jean-Baptiste Cousot, imprimeur, demeurant à Chaumont, opposant; contre...

    Chaumont, Cousot, c. 1822.

    First edition of this apparently unrecorded pamphlet concerning a secret society of ‘gallant’ teenagers in Chaumont, Haut-Marne in eastern France, called ‘l’Ordre de l’amitié’. The youngest member, also one of the most influential, being only fourteen years old, and the majority still in school.


  3. COLONNA, Fabio. 

    Φυτοβασανος, sive Plantarum aliquot historia … 

    Naples, Orazio Salviani, 1592. 

    First edition, a landmark in botanical illustration, ‘the first strictly botanical book with intaglio prints’ (Blunt). 


  4. [ARCHERY.]

    Programme contenant les conditions du tirage d’oiseaux qui aura lieu en la commune de Lille, chef-lieu de la Sous-Préfecture...

    Lille, de l’imprimerie de Jacquez, [July 1801].

    An apparently unrecorded broadside advertising an archery contest on the ‘champ de Mars’ at Lille, in northern France, to mark the anniversary of Bastille Day on 14 July 1801.



    Royal order in French authorising payment to various officials engaged in raising a levy (‘aide’) at...

    Paris, 30 March 1415.

    A royal order to pay officials involved in raising a levy at Avranches, issued a few months before the battle of Agincourt.


  6. [MAISTRE, Xavier de.]

    Voyage autour de ma chambre par M. le Chev. X*** *** O. A. S. D. S. M. S. [Officier au service de Sa Majesté...

    Turin, 1794 [Lausanne, Isaac Hignou, 1795].

    First edition, rare, of the celebrated fantasy novel Voyage Around My Room, a parody of the grand travel narrative tradition, by Xavier de Maistre (Chambéry, 1763 – Saint Petersburg, 1852).

    A Savoyard officer in the army of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, de Maistre wrote the Voyage during the...


  7. ECKARTSHAUSEN, Karl von. 

    Dieu est l’amour le plus pur, ma prière et ma contemplation.  Par Eckartshausen.  Paris, chez L. 

    Duprat-Duverger, rue des Grands-Augustins, no. 21, [1805-1813]. 

    Scarce edition of a French translation of Gott ist die reinste Liebe by the German Catholic mystic Karl von Eckartshausen (1752–1803), this copy formerly in the possession of the long-term lover of Queen Victoria’s father. 


  8. GULIELMUS, Janus.

    Iani GulielmI Plautinarum quaestionum commentarius. In quo omnes ordine M. Plauti Comoediae, tum multa veterum...

    Paris, Gilles Beys, 1583.

    First edition of an important work of Plautine and Ciceronian scholarship by the renowned German philologist and poet Janus Gulielmus (1555–1584), formerly in the possession of the French neo-Latin poet Jean Sirmond (1589–1649).


  9. HENNEQUIN, Pierre.

    Nouveau cours de rhétorique, à l’usage de la jeunesse des deux sexes; dédié à sa Majesté l’Impératrice...

    Moscow, Auguste Semen, 1818.

    Only edition, very uncommon, of this guide to rhetoric by the Moscow-based French grammarian Pierre Hennequin (1772–1849), explicitly designed for both sexes and dedicated to the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna (1759–1828).


  10. FARIS, Ahmad.

    Abdaʻ ma-kan fi suwar Salitan Al ʻUthman … Album des souverains Ottomans édité par Selim Faris Effendy directeur...

    Leipzig, Carl Garte, [c. 1885].

    A handsome set of portraits of thirty-four Ottoman Sultans from Osman I (founder of the Ottoman Empire) to Abdul Hamid II, who reigned from 1876 to 1909, this copy annotated with notes in Arabic.


  11. HORACE.

    Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera cum novo commentario ad modum Joannis Bond.

    Paris, Didot, 1855.

    The deluxe issue of Didot’s Horace, a fine early photographically-illustrated work, complete with all the photographic plates, headpieces and maps, and printed on fine paper.


  12. GRECO, Gioacchino. 

    Le jeu des eschets, traduit de l’Italien de Gioachino Greco, Calabrois. 

    Paris, Jacques Le Febvre, 1689. 

    Second edition of this French translation; first published in 1669.  The Calabrian master Gioacchino Greco (c. 1600–c. 1634) has been described as ‘the last great player of the “heroic age” … [who] dominated the chess of the period down to the mid-eighteenth century through the posthumous...



    Use of Luçon, in Latin, with readings for the Fourth Week of Lent and Holy Thursday in the Temporal;

    France (Paris), late fourteenth century.

    A rediscovered leaf from the Missal of Etienne de Loypeau, bishop of Luçon, with a miniature by the so-called Master of Death and border decoration attributable to the ‘A Master’ of the Belles Heures of the Duc de Berry.


  14. [SPINELLI.]

    Illuminated arms of the Spinelli family of Florence.

    Italy (Florence), c. 1460s.

    Florentine border decoration of very high quality from what must have been a luxurious manuscript produced for a member of the wealthy Spinelli family. Sadly there is no indication of the contents of the parent manuscript, nor have we been able to identify a likely candidate, but ruling just visible...


  15. [LE NOBLE, Pierre, and Eustache LE NOBLE (attributed).] 

    Les Amours d’Anne d’Austriche, Epouse de Louis 13. ...

    ‘A Cologne, Chez Pierre Marteau, 1696’ [France, early eighteenth century]. 

    An early manuscript copy of a salacious – and treasonous – history arguing that Louis XIV was the illegitimate child of Anne of Austria and Cardinal Richelieu, bound with four engravings. 


  16. MIRANDULA (or MIRANDOLA), Ottaviano. 

    Illustrium poetarum flores. 

    Antwerp, Joannes Bellerus, 1563. 

    A remarkable copy, with numerous and eloquent contemporary annotations and additions in a French hand, of a scarce edition of an extremely popular collection of quotes and passages from classics of poetry, published by the renowned Flemish printer and composer Joannes Bellerus (Jean Bellère,...


  17. LE CLERC, Sébastien, the Elder. 

    Figures de la passion D. N. S. Iesus Christ presentées à Madame Madame de Maintenon, par...

    Paris, chez G. Audran graveur ordinaire du Roy, [early 1700s]. 

    Scarce later issue of this wonderful suite of engravings depicting the Passion of Christ by the noted engraver Sébastien Le Clerc (1637–1714), running from Christ’s arrival in the Garden of Olives to the Holy Spirit descending upon the Apostles. 


  18. [MONTANUS, Arnoldus.]

    Ambassades mémorables de la Compagnie des Indes Orientales des Provinces Unies, vers les empereurs du Japon....

    Amsterdam, Jacob van Meurs, 1680.

    First edition in French of an important and influential study of Japan by the Dutch theologian and historian Arnoldus Montanus, based on eyewitness accounts from two Dutch East India Company (VOC) missions to Japan in 1649 and 1661.


  19. HUGO, Victor.

    Notre-Dame de Paris. Par Victor Hugo. Troisième edition … Tome premier [– deuxième].

    Paris, Charles Gosselin, 1831.

    First edition, third issue, of Victor Hugo’s great historical novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame, one of 275 copies printed.