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  1. [PORTUGAL.]

    Supplemento alle osservazioni che l’autore N. N. offerisce al pubblico sopra la condotta del primo ministro di Portogallo...

    Lugano [i.e. Venice, Giuseppe Bettinelli], 1761.

    A rare anonymous attack on the Osservasioni attributed to the Jesuit Francesco Benincasa regarding the conduct of the Marquis of Pombal towards the Jesuits in Portugal. The author argues, contrary to Benincasa, that the expulsion of the Society from Portuguese territory was not down to the personal hatred...



    The great case of toleration stated, and endeavoured to be resolved in order to pub!ick security and peace.

    London, Andrew Swole, 1688.

    A very rare survival: the only edition of this seventeenth century English tract on religious tolerance advocating liberty of conscience. The anonymous author debates whether tolerance ‘be reconcileable with the best rules of Government and Policy’, and whether it ‘stands with our safety in the...


  3. RENTSCH, Carl, Edler von Ehrenthal.

    Die Staatswirtschaft nach Naturgesetzen.

    Leipzig, Brockhaus, 1819.

    First edition. Rentsch’s political economy offers an in-depth analysis of concepts such as income and expenditure, value and cost, market value, and competition; particular attention is paid to coin, notes, circulation, public and private credit, and exchange.


  4. [PINTO, Isaac de].

    Traité de la Circulation et du Crédit. Contenant une Analyse raisonnée des Fonds d’Angleterre, & de ce...

    Amsterdam, Marc Michel Rey, 1771.

    First edition, first issue, of this ‘sound and ingenious’ (McCulloch) work on revenue and stock exchange transactions. The main thrust of Pinto’s argument is that the national debt, instead of being a burden, has been the principal source of the wealth and power of England.


  5. POMPONAZZI, Pietro.


    [Basel, Henricus Petri, 1567].

    Rare first edition of Pomponazzi’s essay On fate, free will, and predestination (De fato… libri V), published posthumously in this collective edition prepared by his pupil Gulielmus Gratarol. Gratarol’s editions of Pomponazzi’s writings were instrumental in divulging the thought of one of the...


  6. [RALPH, James].

    The case of authors by profession or trade, stated: with regard to booksellers, the stage, and the public. No matter...

    London, R. Griffiths, 1758.

    First edition, ‘the first protest raised in the eighteenth century against the treatment of authors and dramatists by booksellers and theatre managers’ (ODNB). From this work Isaac D’Israeli extensively quoted (without acknowledgement) in his Calamities of authors, and it is very likely that Oliver...


  7. PLACE, Francis.

    Illustrations and proofs of the principle of population: including an examination of the proposed remedies of Mr....

    London, [Spottiswode] for Longman et al., 1822.

    First edition of the first book to argue for birth control by contraception, the only book written by the radical reformer friend of James Mill and Jeremy Bentham.


  8. PINDER, Richard.

    The Spirit of error, found, and discovered, in the accounted pastors and teachers of the Island Bermuda, in the...

    [London, Robert Wilson, 1660].

    First and only edition of this tract by Richard Pinder, a Quaker who, with George Rose, was among the first to take the Society of Friends to Bermuda –and to appear before the Council of Governor William Sayle, charged with disturbing the peace. The most particular object of Pinder’s attacks is the...


  9. [PINNOCK, William].

    A catechism of the history of France, containing a clear outline of all the important changes which that country...

    London, Pinnock and Maunder, [c.1819].

    First edition (?) of this much-reprinted guide to French history up to the fall of Napoleon, one of Pinnock’s many catechisms on historical and scientific subjects. “It is extraordinary, that, while almost every kind of knowledge has been so laudably disseminated among British youth, the history...


  10. [PINNOCK, William].

    A catechism of the history of Scotland; including every important event relating to that country. From its...

    London, Pinnock and Maunder, 1820.

    Early edition of this oft-reprinted but uncommon guide to Scottish history, one of many catechisms on all types of subject published by the writer and publisher William Pinnock (1782-1843). The history of Scotland appears to have concluded with the ’45 rebellion; the final question and answer pair...


  11. [PRICE, Richard.]

    Remarks on Dr. Price’s observations on the nature of civil liberty, &c.

    London, for G. Kearsley, 1776.

    First edition, one of two issues published in the same year. A reply to and critical commentary on Richard Price’s discussion of American independence, reaffirming the English claim to sovereignty over America. Possibly penned by a member of Hume’s circle, the pamphlet was judged to be ‘written...


  12. PRIESTLEY, Joseph.

    A discourse on occasion of the death of Dr. Price; delivered at Hackney, on Sunday, May 1, 1791.

    London, for J. Johnson, 1791.

    First edition of this moving tribute to the philosopher, demographer, and political radical Richard Price (1723-1791), by his close friend Joseph Priestley. ‘The most august assembly in the world, by which I wish to be understood the National Assembly of France, have justly styled him the apostle of...


  13. [PATERSON, William].

    Proposals and reasons for constituting a Council of Trade.

    Edinburgh, [n. p.], 1701.

    First edition, rare, of a plan for the setting up of a council of trade in Scotland for the purpose of controlling and directing the nation’s ailing economy at the turn of the century, by a remarkably entrepreneurial proto-banker who participated in the Darien project and became one of the founders...


  14. PERKINS, John.

    A profitable booke of Master Iohn Perkins, Fellow of the Inner Temple. Treating of the lawes of England.

    London, Thomas Wight, 1601.

    An attractive copy of the 1601 edition of Perkins’ Profitable book. Perkins, who died around 1545, had a troubled career – allegedly having his heels ‘turned upward’ in Westminster Hall for being a dishonest attorney and later being imprisoned and banished from Oxford for accusing two local abbots...


  15. [PALMIERI, Giuseppe].


    Naples, Vicenzo Flauto for Michele Stasi, 1788.

    Second edition, substantially enlarged. ‘Giuseppe Palmieri, Marchese di Martignano (1721–94?), was one of that brilliant band of Neapolitans in which Filangieri was perhaps the most widely known figure. Palmieri was primarily a practical administrator. But the welfare economics of the eighteenth-century...


  16. PASQUIN, Anthony [i.e. John WILLIAMS].

    The Eccentricities of John Edwin, Comedian. Collected from his Manuscripts, and enriched...

    London, Printed for J. Strahan … [1791].

    First edition of the earliest biography of the actor and singer John Edwin the elder (1749-1790), written by his friend, John Williams, journalist and author of the satirical collection of verse portraits The Children of Thespis (1786). Williams published both works under the pseudonym ‘Anthony Pasquin’...


  17. PATINKIN, Don.

    Money, interest, and prices; an integration of monetary and value theory.

    Evanston, Ill., Row, Peterson [1956].

    First edition, rare on the market, of the book which was for many years one of the most widely used works on monetary economics. ‘Money, Interest and Prices is perhaps as great in its vision as Keynes’ General Theory. … Don Patinkin states his theory of the labour market and corresponding notion...


  18. PELLISSERY, Roch-Antoine de.

    Eloge politique de Colbert: qui n’a point été présenté à l’Academie Française pour le prix...

    Lausanne, n.p., 1775.

    First edition. This work provides a detailed examination of Colbert’s financial and economic work, with detailed information about the situation in France since his ministry. Colbert was the contrôleur général under Louis XIV and a firm believer in the mercantilist doctrine that the expansion of...


  19. PEANO, Giuseppe.

    Applicazioni geometriche del calcolo infinitesimale.

    Turin, [Vincenzo Bona] for Bocca, 1887.

    first edition, the publisher’s archive copy with red stamp on front wrapper. ‘Based on a course Peano began teaching at the University of Turin in 1885 [it] contains the beginnings of his “geometrical calculus,” new forms of remainders in quadrature formulas, new definitions of length of an arc...